Harry or Incarus

"He loved her like incarus loved the sun too close too much"

"He's the one I think about before I go to sleep at night. I look at the clock waiting for it to say 11:11 so I can wish for you. I'm so cliché, but I love everything about him"


1. Starting From the Beginning

I see the pictures on Instagram and Twitter. The ones of him, and I still can't believe that that's the guy I sworn to marry, that's the guy I once loved, that's the guy I still love, that's the guy my heart belongs to, that's the guy who broke my heart, the guy that left me to suffer through the agonizing pain of my heart being ripped out of my chest, the pain of wondering if I had held him back. He watched me as I attempted to scramble all the pieces of my heart and put them back together with the love if complete strangers. He gave me trust issues, depression, hell I don't even know myself anymore. I looked at his picture one last time he would always tell me we would be together "forever and always." I thought to myself how he would always say to me "only in the eyes of love can you see infinite" and the flashbacks began to play in my head.

~~~~~~~~2 years ago~~~~~~~~

(16 years old)

We were laying down outside in his back yard full of flowers. It was night so it's dark but there's dim lighting from the full moon. We were goofing off, we were best friends... At least as close to best friends as possible with the person you are madly in love with, we started talking about what it would be like if we got married. "I think it's funny you know" he said I was confused I had absolutely no clue what he was talking about "what are you talking about" I said extremely worried considering the topic of conversation. He looked me straight in the eyes I couldn't help but blush had looked like an angel like a wonderful present god has sent to me as a reward for making the right decisions. "Have you ever heard of the expression 'only in eyes of love can you see infinite'?" I thought for a minute our eyes still locked together "no why?" I asked. "Well, sometimes I feel like I can see my infinite in the eyes I this girl that I like" he said and then and there just like he said I could see my infinite.

~~~~end flashback~~~~

I shut my laptop and went to bed all I could hear was his voice in my head saying what he told me that day "only in the eyes of love can you see infinite"

But let me start from the beginning of the whole story.

I laid in the bed as a 16 year old girl who just finished her sophomore year, I had just woke up I looked at the clock and it was 10:15 of the first day of summer. I decided to get on twitter and see if Harry styles, one of my two best friends, had tweeted anything. Nothing was tweeted and I was pretty bored and figured I would do something with my friends before we go to dance class. So I called my best friend since the third grade, Emmett.

"Hey TJ what's up?" Emmett asked with his morning voice an I could tell I woke him up.

Hey so I feel like the crew should get together later you know?" I said trying not to laugh at Emmett yawning every five secounds.

"Yeah we can get together later with our freinds" he replied tiredly.

"Okay well I'm gonna come over now and you and I are gonna ride around town for a little bit so get dressed now!!!" I screamed through the phone then quickly hung up before he could refuse.

I was wearing high waisted black jean shorts with a white crop top and a black cloth cardigan and a necklace with a bullet hanging off of it.

Once I got to his house I knocked on the door. "Emmett!! Get dressed for the dance you idiot I'm not bringing you back to the house before.

"Ughh Trinity why the fuck are you so annoying?" Emmett argued

"Because I'm your best friend and it's my job you know good and well that we are probably going to the studio with our friends" I yelled as he walked down the hallway, his parents are both paramedics and work during the summer so I wasn't waking them up.

"Which studio are we going to?" He asked.

"The dance studio today." I answered, Emmett and I both sing and dance.

I noticed a picture in his living room on a shelf of Emmett and I at his 6th birthday party. "Alright I'm ready" he said walking into the living room.

"Alright let's go" I replied while walking out the door.

We walked to my car and I could hear the sound of leaves crunching under our feet.

"Are we picking Harry up too?" Emmett asked.

"Emmett we need to talk about Harry..." I said in a concerned voice.

"Why? What's wrong?! Is he ok?" He questioned me

"Yeah yeah he's great actually which is what we need to talk about" I paused "Harry and I had a lot of classes together this last school year and umm at the end of the yet we umm well cause we spent a lot of time together and I kind of umm I think I might.... Dear lord this is so difficult to say but I umm I like Harry." I finished while driving down the street to go get some food.

"Well obviously I mean we are three best friends of course you like him." He said nonchalantly

"No, like I really like him" I said again.

"Oh," he paused trying to consume what I had just said "you can't. We are best friends we're like.... We're like a bushel we are to close I'm sorry but your not allowed." He explained oblivious to what's happening to me and Harry

"I mean I can't help it what do you want me to do I can't stop my feelings for him that's not how life works Emmett" I spat at him getting aggravated.

"Well what are you gonna do then?" He asked.

"I'm not Gonna tell him that's for sure, I might just see why happens." I said pulling into the parking lot.

As we entered chicken express because it was now 12:00 Emmett saw Harry looking down at his phone while second in line.

"TJ you didn't tell me he was gonna be here" he whisper screamed.

"I know but I didn't want to be alone with him with these feelings yet he knows your here just act normal" I said while walking over to Harry.

"Oh hey guys I was just gonna text ya'll" Harry said deleting the words on his I phone screen. He gave me a hug but it was longer than usual, Emmett and him shared a nice little bro hug pat thing and I laughed at Emmett not knowing how to do cool guy handshakes.

After we ordered and sat down we started talking about the dance we are learning at the studio. Most of our friends have rich parents so they pay for the studio at a certain time so we can learn a dance together just us friends and the three people who don't have parents who have a lot of money pays like $50 each.

"Damn Harry she's fine as hell" Emmett said pointing at the door where a girl just walked in. Harry had to turn around to see because me and him were facing away from the door sitting next to each other with Emmett facing the door across from us.

"I mean if your into the bad ass punk rock look I guess so" he said turning around, I knew something was wrong by his answer because he is into the punk rock thing.

"Harry what the hell do you think the group is we are all into the punk rock thing" Emmett said still looking at the girl.

"I want to see who this girl is" I said playing around and turning my head to see who it was and I was immediately surprised.

"Shit that's my cousin you ass whole" I said me and Harry laughing at Emmett "Hey Acacia come over her for a sec" I yelled over to her.

"Why the fuck are you doing TJ I fucking hate you, you cunt" he said finishing as Acacia reached us.

"Guys this is my cousin Acacia Brinley she's 16 as well she lives in Los Angeles." I said "Acacia these are my two best friends." I aid and noticed she was checking Harry out.

"Hi I'm Acacia" she said to Harry and he just nodded.

She looked at Emmett a little disappointed because she saw Harry first, Emmett is really attractive but Harry looks like a sex god.

I felt Harrys' hand on my knee and he squeezed trying to calm me down.

I coughed "I have to use the toilets" I said getting up and going to the restroom.

When I got back Acacia was all over Harry sitting next to him. The toilets were facing away from Harry so he couldn't see me coming back. Emmett glanced up and saw me he smirked and looked at his almost finished food. Harry looked uncomfortable and gave Emmett a mad look when he smirked.

Once I reached the table I asked "Hey Acacia babe can I sit back down?" She looked at the seat in front of her then back at me and got up and sat down in front of where she was just sitting.

"Trinity guess what?" She said excited.

"What?" I questioned her confused.

"I'm moving in with you and your parents"she squeaked. She looks punk rock and chill and her appearance gives her an edge, but then she starts talking and you can hear the prep personality in her.

"Cool like are you gonna spend the next school year here as well?" I asked hoping she wasn't.

"Staying until I graduate" she said happily making me want to die because she's in the same grade as me and I will have to deal with her flirting with Harry for the next two years.

Harry and four others Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik are all going to be seniors next year.

"Well we are gonna go we have to meet our friends at the dance studio in 30 minutes" I said.

She quickly replied "I called your mom and she told me if you weren't at the house you would be here I was hoping to hang out" she sad sadly.

"I'm sorry maybe afterwards we can." I said trying to get her away from Harry.

"Alright" she said happily and then left. We got in the car and I didn't feel like driving so I gave Harry my keys and I sat in the passengers side and Emmett was in the back, I would have let him drive but he doesn't have his license.

"So...what was that all about in there?" Harry asked me.

"What do you mean" I said not knowing what part he was talking about.

"Were you jealous?" Harry asked winking at me.

"Oh please like I would be mad because someone likes you ha! We are just friends Harry" I said trying to hide my feelings. He looked at me a little hurt... Does Harry have feelings for me?

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