Always Watching.

*Written for the 'Say Her Name' writing competition*

A group of three friends (Bobbie, Naya and Caine) are dared to say "Bloody Mary" into the bathroom mirror, after listening to scary stories with a group of friends. Thinking nothing of it and dismissing it as childish stories, they are especially spooked when finding a message the next morning written in blood on the mirror that reads "FIVE DAYS"
What does it mean? is it a joke? What will happen over the next 5 days?

*(Never written horror before and its literally my second time writing any kind of story so hope its alright haha)*


1. That Uneasy Feeling.

*From time to time everyone gets that feeling, the feeling of being watched, Yes, that’s her. Always watching.*


She hated everything about it. The way it looked like it was taken straight from childs nightmares or an extremely cliched horror film, the eery silence that surrounded the school, and the way her bed faced a large window with a rusted frame, which often creaked and rattled as a result of the wind. Why would anyone willingly choose to attend here? she frequently asked herself. 



She led awake. It looked as if it was alive. Creeping closer with her every blink. Causing her restlessness to progressively increase, her loud breaths echoed her loud irregular heartbeat. She had never quite noticed before how unsettling shadows can seem at 3am. She couldn’t shift this uneasy feeling.

Tonight’s events ran through her mind. There was the initial annoyance of being forcibly dragged by best friend Naya, to attend some silly halloween dare. Then the way they had all lit the candle, which was placed in the middle of the room. The irrational fear that was plastered over every ones faces including Bobbie’s, when she said the dreaded words “Bloody Mary” into the bathroom mirror five times over. And the way the Caine (A particularly cute boy) placed his hand on her leg in a hurried attempt to reassure him self when a coincidental draft blew the candle out, leaving them in complete darkness. She led smiling to herself, maybe it wasn't all bad. 


The next morning the uneasy feeling didn’t disappear. This was crazy she thought, she was the last person to get spooked by some childish story that didn’t even do anything. As Bobbie walked the corridor the bottoms of her feet ached from the numbingly cold floor and lack of socks. She was so focused on her own internal thoughts, she neglected to realise she had walked into Caine. “I-I I’m sorry” she stuttered nervously. She turned quickly avoiding conversation. She then noticed Naya enter the bathroom, followed by a horrific gasp. They both rushed over.

That’s when she saw it...

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