Three Houses For Mickey Mouse

Movella treats can be rather spooky, like mechanical houses that act kind of kooky. So plan to read on, and let's take a looky!


1. House 1

In a humble little house

That needed some paint,

Lived a tired Mickey Mouse

Trying to sleep, but he cain't.

You see, the problems were plenty

In this house that he had.

The roof always creaked,

And the drafts: they were bad.

The furnace turned on


Making pipes SPUTTER, STEAM,


With a SLAP and a BANG, 

The shutters did slam!

This noise did continue ad nauseam.

He tossed and he turned

'neath his pillows and sheets.

Poor Mickey was wishing

The sounds, they would cease.

"I can't take this racket

Another night longer!

thought that I could,

But I couldn't be wronger!"

He threw off his blanket

And slunk to the sink.

"Perhaps I'll feel better

After a drink!"

But the water came out

In a way unexpected!

It sprayed from the drain

In his face, misdirected!

He wiped off his face

In angry defeat.

"That's the last straw.

My decision's complete!

I'm fed up with clanking,

Ker-slamming and squeaking;

The whistling and knocking,

The roof always creaking!"

Poor Mickey was irked,

A bit peeved, you might say.

His mind was made up

That he must move away.

Thus Pluto and he

Marched up the next street

Where new houses stood all spiffy and neat.

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