Am I Perfect Now?

Finn Harries, the guy who stole my heart, but also broke my heart. I needed Finn. He was my last hope. But, he broke my heart, so I turned to his brother Jack. Jack is now my rock, my last hope. But I can't stand the sight of Jack, he reminds me too much of Finn...

Cover by Beautifully Unorthodox


1. Finn Harries, you're a twat!

Yasmin's P.O.V:

4 Months Ago

"No Finn! That is the last straw! You've done this five times now! I can not believe you!" I screamed at my boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend Finn.

"Please, Yasmin, I was drunk!" He yelled back.

"You've used that excuse these past five times Finn, I'm starting to think you're lying!"

"Fine! Be that way. You know, I never really needed you!" He shouted. That just broke my heart. Ouch.

"Leave" I whispered. He just stood there, not saying or doing anything. "LEAVE!"


"Oh, and Finn..."

"Yeah?" He said, his eyes full of hope.

"When I say forever, I mean forever. Remember that." With that thought, he left. Straight away, I burst into tears. Finn cheated five times. I can't believe him!!!

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