Celebrity sister

Florence lives a sheltered life, attends private school and lives in a beautiful house. But nobody knows where the family money comes from. Her parents don't work and the 3 of them are always jetting off to the United States on vacation. Florence's friends knew she had a sister, but all they knew was that she was mental and away from the public, but Little does anybody know she has a sister running around the world performing concerts to thousands every week. Florence has not any old sister, but a celebrity sister! Celebrity sis, Elle, took the choice to protect her family from the media whilst she went and achieved her dreams out in L.A and is now an international star. When a court case jeopardises the families secret, Florence has to decide whether to tell the world who her sister really is.


1. How it all started

  I don't know how it started . But I can tell you that I was 10 and my sister was 16 year old . She was the best sister I could have ever asked for. She was a wonderful singer. So when she reached 16, she started sending demos off to record labels. One Saturday afternoon I remember her getting a phone call inviting her to tryout in  a famous recording studio. Next thing I know she is signed and off to L.A to follow her dreams. 

She took the decision to change her name, cover up her normal life and give us a story to tell of why she disappeared one day.  

Its okay though, I see her every holidays, she never comes to England though. She says she can't risk being spotted .

The fact is that my sister  is a global success, millions of album sales, concerts sold out at Wembley stadium and  loads of screaming fans.  I have never told a soul about my secret, if my sister  left us to protect us, and it needs  to stay that way.

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