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1. chapter one

I walked into the house greeted with a hug and kiss from Niall. He sat back down on the leather couch and sighed.

"How was shopping?" He asks as I'm taking off my trench coat and hang it up on a rack by the front door.

"It was...interesting" I said, recalling the events just moments ago. "Well, then come sit and watch TV with me" he offers.

"Can't, I'm not feeling well, I threw up at the mall and I'm going to sleep" I said. "Aren't you hungry?" He asks, "I made your favorite, Caesar salad" he negotiates.

"No thanks, babe, I'll have some later" I respond. If only he knew. But he can't know, not yet. Neither of us are ready and I'm too scared that he'll leave me.

"Alright, goodnight Princess, I'll be up in a minute" he says and I'm glad. I really don't trust myself to be alone.

I sulk upstairs and immediately remove my clothes. sleeping naked is something Harry and I have in common.

I get under the covers and cuddle up to a pillow after turning off the lights and closing the door


I stayed on the couch. She must have a stomach bug. Poor princess. I love her so much but I hate her being alone.

I decided that after this episode of Family, I would go cuddle with her. Eventually, the episode ended and I jogged upstairs.

"Princess..?" I asked. I looked around after turning on the lights. No sign of her. I walked into our bathroom and saw her over the toilet.

Out of reflex, I rushed over and held her hair back with one hand and rubbed her back with my other hand.

"Niall..." She moaned. I felt a pain for her. "Baby, are you sick?" I asked. She closed the toilet and looked up at me. She sighed. "No," she exhaled loudly.

"I'm pregnant"

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