The Vlogger


1. Chapter 1

"Hey guy's wassup it's Izzy and welcome to my youtube channel!" I said waving at the camera. "Today we are going to be going to the mall with my 3 friends. But before one of them comes to pick me up, I will show you my outfit and such."

I had on some black ripped up jeans and pink vans. With a grey sweatshirt with"Antisocial" written on the front in pink. My hair was in its usual loose curls with the shorter parts out of my face.

I turned the camera around to the mirror and began to explain. "So I got the jeans from Forever 21, the shirt is from Wild Daisy, with the vans from Vans." Smiling at the camera I said "see you later" with a smile and closed the camera.

As soon as I turned the camera off I heard a car honk from outside of my house. Grabbing the backpack I was using today (I don't like purses) I ran out to one of my best friends car.

"Hey Jillian!" I said while putting my bag on my lap.

"Hey Iz."

I opened my camera and began to vlog again.

"Hello people I am back and in the car! Just in case you were wondering I am using this unicorn book bag that kids in kindergarden use but whatever its cute." I kept on chatting to my camera and to my three friends as we drove to the mall.

As we pulled up to the mall I told my viewers that I would talk to the them after we went into a couple stores. When we got inside the mall the first place we wanted to go to was Forever 21.

"Taylor, Kayleen you guy's HAVE to try and go into Hot Topic! It is the best!" Jillian told my two other friends.

"I don't think I am going to like it Jillian." Taylor said starting to walk faster.

"Just because your into more preppy cloths doesn't meat shit. You might like it." I told Taylor.

I thought it would be an appropriate time to start filming again.

"Hey hey hey guys! So we just went into Forever 21 and got a couple of things but right now me and Jilly are trying to persuade Kayleen and Taylor to go into Hot Topic-"


"Well shit Taylor chill the fuck out." I say laughing.

She glares at me and says "I will be in Wet Seal meet me in there when you ate done." Then she walks off.

"Well guys looks like there are three of us now until further notice."

When we started to walk into Hot Topic I got a few glances from other people, maybe cause I am the only one with a camera but aye. Automatically walking over to the Pokemon shirts and all the other funny shirts I begin yo pick out the ones that I like.


"Guys it is sleep time so I will see ya next time! I love ya, and good night babes!"

Closing the camera I looked at the clock, 12 am. I decided I should probably go to sleep so I walked up to the bathroom to do my night skin care routine. After I turned on my fan, jumped into bed, and fell asleep.


My alarm clock woke me up around 10:30 this morning so I could get some stuff done. When I felt a little more awake I turned on my vlogging camera.

"Mornin guys! Today I am gonna film a video for my main channel and maybe go somewhere else I don't know. Anyway I will talk to you later, peace!"

I turned off the camera and got out of my bed, heading to the kitchen with my phone in my hand. Walking into the kitchen I got some waffles out and put them in the toaster. While waiting for them to cook, I checked my social media and continuing to do that while eating. When I was done I walked into my bathroom and began to wash my face, after that I moisturized. With a clean face I went inside my room to finish getting ready for the day, for clothing I put on some high wasted shorts and a Emblem3 crop top, with some colorful ankle socks and my black vans. Next on the list of things to do is make up. I sat down at my desk thing and put on my everyday make up, which is the usual face stuff (foundation, concealer, and powder to set it), a whitish eyeshadow and the cat eye eyeliner. Next I did my hair in a top knot and then set my camera up.


I had just finished filming the video and I was reading fan fiction right now until I got a call from Jillian.

J: hey do you wanna go to the carnival with me?

I: yeah sure pick me up

J: k

*call ends*

I got up and got my ying yang backpack and put my portable charger, headphones, wallet, water, and some extra make up just in case in my bag. After I was done I ran outside and waited until Jillian pulled up and honked her horn to get my attention. When I got into her car 5sos was blasting out of the speakers and we sang along until we got to the carnival.


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