The Rich, The Famous, and The Spoilt

I'm not sure whether to write this up or not, the first chapter is just a teaser, basically a blurb, and if you're interested in reading just leave a comment or something. The first chapter is half done so....


1. teaser


Spending your whole summer on the largest, most luxurious cruise ship out there for free sounds like anyone’s dream holiday. No responsibilities, no fake phone calls and, most importantly, no way for a certain ex-boyfriend to contact her.

Emily plans to spend the summer reading in her room, eating, sleeping, and generally being s lazy as possible until she goes to Oxford and the work really starts. She’s going to be surrounded by the rich, the famous, and the spoilt so she plans to spend all of her time in her room. But when her mum decides that enough is enough and she needs to interact with people, Emily finds herself locked out of her room every morning after she’s had a show and forced into the world she doesn’t understand.

She’s still reeling from her ex’s betrayal and in no way looking for love tis summer, but maybe that’s just what she’ll find, in the most unlikely of places.

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