Avoiding Death

Don't let the title fool you, the movella's not that depressing! Anyway, this is a story I submitted for a writing competition at school, which had to be under 1,000 words and three chapters long, hence why each chapter is so short.
This is about an ex-soldier, who lost his friend in WW2. He's one day visited by one of his few friends, who helps him to go back in time to save his best friend, Steve. Will he be able to do it?


1. Chapter 1

My shoes made a soft, padded sound, as I made my way down the bustling streets. Even though the atmosphere around me was warm and friendly, I couldn't help, but feel a lonely gloominess inside me. Even though my time as a soldier was gone and had been for years, every object, every person, everything reminded me of the horrors I'd seen and, more importantly, my best friend, who had died an honourable death. Ever since he was shot, I have been depressed and every memory brings back my pain. As I saw every object, memories came flooding back. Cars (he had always hated them, instead preferring the enjoyment of running, jogging and walking), biscuits (one of his favourite foods, along with sausages and cheese) and worst of all, when you saw children playing with cheap, rubber balls.

After a stressful day in town, I finally reached the aging, slightly damaged door of my home. I pulled out the copper key and began the tedious routine of trying to gain entrance to the building, before opening the creaking door and stepping inside. I looked around the living room, a layer of dust lying on the floor. I hadn't dusted in here for years, so it was natural that my home looked uninhabited.
Slowly sitting down in my favourite chair, I sat, ready for a relaxing evening. However, a sudden whirlwind appeared in my living room and disappeared, as quickly as it arrived. In its place was a familiar figure, one of the few people I had actually stayed in touch with after the war.

"Mrs Murphy? I thought you'd left to do some shopping." My landlady glanced around, before checking her silver watch. "No, that is most likely what the present Mrs Murphy is doing. I'm the same person, but from the future. I'm here to stop you from doing disastrous things in the future, thanks to your depression." She then went on to describe what had happened in her time, as well as the plan I had to carry out, in order to stop myself from such things occurring.

"So, do you know what you are doing?" I nodded, before proceeding to take the watch she had worn, a time machine as she claimed, and went back to that fateful day.

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