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  • Published: 3 Aug 2014
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Leigh is a young girl who suffers from depression and is suicidal because of the abuse she faces at home. She looks for love elsewhere and finds it in the teacher she's known for 5 years.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Leigh was a Spanish girl in high school. She had long black hair that was always tied into a low ponytail. She was in all honors classes and was involved in many extra school activities. She played in all her school orchestras including the pit orchestra for the school plays. She was quite popular for she was involved with many school activities. She was the head cellist in her orchestra and spent most of her time at school composing music.

Leigh walked into the school social worker's office. A blonde very thin middle aged woman sat there looking at pictures of her children. Leigh knocked and it startled the woman. "Dr. Kelly" was written on a tag at the front of her desk. "Leigh?" She asked in a very warm tone. Leigh nodded and sat down. "Do you know why you are here?" Dr. Kelly asked. Leigh nodded, not looking in her direction. "And do you know who I am?" She asked. Leigh nodded again, now staring out the window. "Would you like to talk to me about what's going on?" She asked. "No." Leigh said innocently, glaring into Dr. Kelly light green eyes. Age spots were evident on her face though she was a fairly young woman. "Okay then Leigh, I'm going to ask you to please tell me what's going on." Dr. Kelly said changing her demeanor in the slightest say. "I don't know." Leigh said staring at the floor. "You said you did. Why aren't you speaking to me? I'm here to help you." "Everything's fine." Leigh said.

There was a moment of silence before the door opened. Leigh turned to see Mrs. Mentin walking in. Her face went from annoyed and fearful to thrilled and pleasured. "Mrs. Mentin!" Leigh exclaimed in a whisper. "Hey Trish." Dr. Kelly said getting up to give her a greeting hug. Mrs. Mentin sat in the seat next to Leigh. She put a reassuring hand upon Leigh's hand, trying to relax her. Mrs. Mentin looked over and Leigh and gave a caring smile with her friendly blue eyes. "Dr. Kelly and I are going to talk for a moment. Okay, dear? Could wait outside for a minute?" Leigh nodded and stood up willingly and headed for the door.

Leigh waited outside the office as the two talked. Other counselors walked by including her guidance counselor who stopped with a friendly smile to say hello. "What are you doing on this fine day?" He asked excitedly. "Fine." Leigh said giggling in her seat. Her guidance counselor was young man who looked like he was a senior in high school. He always had a joke to tell and couldn't seem to live without making someone smile. He nodded and walked on as happy camper on his first day. He made Leigh smile which lasted quite long for a girl who was nervous.

Finally the door reopened and Mrs. Mentin walked out. Leigh looked up with hopeful eyes and Mrs. Mentin looked down with friendly ones. Leigh stood up and as soon as she did Mrs. Mentin wrapped her arms around her for a hug. Her hugs always calmed her. As she pulled away, she kept a hold on Leigh's shoulders. "Have a good talk with Dr. Kelly." "Wait what? No. Please stay." "I can't, I have work to do." "But-" "Please." She rubbed Leigh's shoulder reassuring and tapped it as she walked away.

Leigh slowly took steps into Dr. Kelly's office. She closed the door and sat down. "So, do you still feel like that?" "Like what..." "Come on." Dr. Kelly took a deep breath. "I sense a wall." "Yeah, well." Leigh sighed scaling the room. "I know you don't get along with your family." Dr. Kelly said. "You are very stressed, I'm sure. I would hate to imagine you being talked down to at such a young age." She added. Leigh's eyes filled with tears but she fought crying as she tried toning out the social worker. "I'm very proud of you. You seem to manage to get high grades in each of your classes. That's impressive. Is school your outlet?" "Sure." "Do you have any favorite teachers?" "Mrs. Mentin." "Wow! That's great! Why?" Leigh shrugged. "You don't know?" Dr. Kelly asked, probing at with questions. Leigh picked her head up and glared at her. "You're really close to her?" "Mmhmm." "Why is that?" "I don't know." Dr. Kelly looked down at her watch, then the school bell rang. Leigh got up to leave but Dr. Kelly grabbed her hand and rubbed it gently. "Come back. I'm here for you." She said.

Leigh walked right out of her office and straight to the orchestra room. Mrs. Mentin was sitting in the back of the orchestra room, in her office, on her computer. She heard the noise of someone coming in and saw Leigh. Her face lit up. "How was it?" "Hate her." Leigh said, plopping down on a bean bag in Mrs. Mentin's office. "Oh please! You haven't met her for 5 minutes!" "45, thank you." "What don't you like about her?" "Everything." "Impossible." "Very possible actually." Leigh said with a sarcastic smile. Mrs. Mentin looked at her with love in her eyes. "Shouldn't you be in class?" "Yeah." "Well, you're going to get me in trouble for keeping you." "But I want to stay!" "Give me one good reason." "I love you?" Leigh said with a cheesy smile. "You hesitated, go." Mrs. Mentin said, dragging Leigh up and pushing her out the door. She got her out with a kick to the rear and a smile. "I'll miss you!" Leigh screamed as she left. "I'm sure I'll see you in 5 minutes when you fake the need to use the bathroom." Mentin yelled back. Leigh poked her head back in saying, "You know me so well." A pen came flying her way and she ducked, leaving with a huge smile upon her face.

    After all the classes ended, Leigh made her way down to the music lab where all her friends went to make music. She walked in and was immediately greeted  by Mr. Holmes, the music theory teacher. He had a vibrant personality and never criticized a soul. “Good Afternoon, Leigh.” He said with a nod. Leigh waved and smiles. She looked to her left and as always, there sat Mrs. Mentin at the head computer with headphones on. Leigh smiled  and stood behind her and bent over to hug her neck. Mrs. Mentin patted her arms and continued working. When she finished, she collected her bags and looked around for Leigh who was laughing in the back with her friends. “Leigh!” She called. Leigh looked up and a huge smile  formed on her face. “Let’s go.” Leigh got up and ran to Mrs. Mentin who headed for the door.

    “So how was your day?” Mrs. Mentin asked. “It was alright I guess, my vocabulary test was really hard but I think I did well. How was yours?” “It was good. Work was crazy as usual.” They walked to the parking lot. Leigh’s mom was already waiting in her car for her. Leigh’s eyes widened slightly and the look of panic came from her face. Mrs. Mentin didn’t hug Leigh goodbye that day but instead kept walking past the car. She gave a quick smile to the woman inside but kept it moving.

    Leigh slowly got into her mom’s car. “Hey.” She said, looking forward. Her mother gave out a sigh and put the car in drive. “How was your day?” She asked. She had black thinning hair and was slightly bigger than the average woman. She had the look of irritation upon her face. “Fine.” Leigh answered. “Well, mine was terrible. I cleaned the house all day, the dog’s sick,  I feel sick and I still have to cook dinner for your father tonight.” Her mom said driving away. Leigh gave no reply but stared out the window. The rest of the car ride home was silent.

    When Leigh got home, she opened the door and her small dog jumped high, reaching her face. “Get down!” Leigh’s mom yelled at the dog. “Idiot.” She mumbled placing her purse down onto the table. Leigh grabbed her small black yorkie and kissed its head. “Love you, Sam.” She said, smiling at the dog’s blank expression. Sam was blind and diabetic at only 5 years old. “Why can’t you kiss me and tell me you love me?” Leigh’s mom snapped, noticing Leigh’s actions with her dog. Leigh placed the dog down and made her way upstairs with her backpack.

“Any reason why that’s up here?” Leigh’s mom said referring to the backpack as she walked into Leigh’s closed bedroom. “Homework.” “What are you hiding?” “Nothing.” Leigh snapped back quite annoyed. Her mother’s eyes widened and her face grew redder. “Don’t you speak to me like that!” She said sharply leaning in Leigh’s face. “Sorry.” “I’m tired of your sorry’s. Bring that backpack downstairs. You can do your homework in the dining room.” Her mom walked out, leaving the door open. Leigh let out an annoyed sigh and lifted her backpack upon her shoulder. “Are you giving me attitude?” Her mother yelled from her own bedroom. “I didn’t say anything!” “I heard your sigh.” Leigh then quietly made her way downstairs and did her homework.

Leigh turned on the TV and let the music station play as she did her homework. She hummed the tunes as she wrote her essays for her honors classes. Her mom came down with her glasses on and a bottle of pills. When her mom wore glasses, it meant she had a huge headache, which meant she was aggravated. She grabbed the remote control and looked at Leigh. “I’m changing it.” She said. Leigh looked up at her then looked down at her homework. “Whatever.” She mumbled. The TV was then changed to crime investigation shows.

Leigh finished her homework, set the table and fed the dog his dinner. As she headed to her bedroom, she could hear her mother taking pain medication for her headache.  She picked up her iPod and began texting her friends. She texted from her iPod because when her Uncle got her the phone, he got it pre-paid and not unlimited texting. Her father came home and she could hear her roaring, “Why isn’t dinner on the table?” “Dinner’s almost ready, Jose.” Her mother said, tending to the food. He then stomped upstairs and barged into Leigh’s room. “Hello stranger.” He said. Leigh did not look at him, but instead focused on her iPod. “Hi.” She said. “You don’t come down to say hi anymore.” “Sorry.” Her father just stared at Leigh but Leigh stared at her iPod. There was nothing heard besides the roar of the stove as her mother cooked over it. Her father then left, slamming the door and mumbling something as he walked away.

    At the dinner table, Leigh sat between both her parents, eating quietly. Her parents spoke of expensive bills and how impossible it was to live with the way Leigh ate. For a thin young girl, Leigh ate more than her father. Doctors even said Leigh was more muscle than fat. Her father turned to Leigh, “I’m going to have to cut you off of your allowance. We can’t afford our bills.” He told her sternly. Leigh looked to her mother who was picking at her food. “Whatever.” Leigh mumbled, finishing her plate. Her mother made a sound of disgust and pushed her plate away. “What? You’re not going to eat?” Her father said. “I’m not hungry. You know I can’t keep food down after my surgery.” “This is wasting money, Andrea.” “I can’t help it!” Leigh’s mother got a kidney transplant when Leigh was an 8th grade. Now, 2 years later, the effects still impacted their lives.

    Leigh went upstairs to her room for a while, before coming back down to do the dinner dishes. She took a shower, then hopped onto her computer until her mother came in to tell her to get off and go to bed at around 10PM.

    The next day at school, Leigh walked through the music hallways before the first bell. On her way to class, she bumped into the band teacher, Mr. Mentin, Mrs. Mentin’s husband. He was bald with a goatee and was an overweight man. “Why does trouble always find me?” He said, looking at Leigh. “Great to see you this morning as well, Mr. Mentin.” She followed him into the band room, where Mr. Rock, the other band teacher, sat at his desk. “Why are you here so early in the morning?” Mr. Rock asked. “Because she thrives off of bugging me.” Mr. Mentin replied for her. “I find it to be more of a fun hobby.” Leigh said, smiling at him. “Well I don’t want students in my office in the morning.” Mr. Rock said. “Dude.” Mr. Mentin said, trying to calm Mr. Rock. “Dude nothing. She’s a good kid and all but I want my space.” “It’s okay Mr. Mentin. I’ll see you later.” “Great, you’re coming back too?” Mr. Mentin said, pretending to be annoyed. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I want to ruin your lunch period?” She said, smiling as she exited the room.

    Leigh went to her first period class where she sat next to best friends Charles and Jackie. Charles was a year younger than Leigh but attended all of sophomore classes because he was a year ahead. He was basically Leigh’s personal clown. There wasn’t a moment he couldn’t make her laugh. Jackie always made Leigh laugh too, but only because she couldn’t understand anything. She was always confused and seemed to be a step behind everyone though she was one of the smartest in class when she knew what was going on.

    “Good morning everyone! Today we are going to be learning about bacteria and viruses. Can anyone tell me where they believe the most germs fly around?” The teacher asked. Many kids raised their hands, including Jackie, Charles and Leigh. “The bathroom!” Charles shouted. “No. Jackie?” “School?” “Nope. Leigh?” “Taco Bell!” Leigh yelled. The whole class busted in fits of giggles. “Maybe. But not the answer I was looking for.” The teacher said, controlling her laughs. “It’s the hospital.” She added. The rest of science class went on smoothly and then the bell rang. Leigh then had gym, Global Studies and orchestra.

    Leigh arrived first the orchestra and grabbed her cello. She stumbled into Mrs. Mentin’s office with it. Mrs. Mentin was still typing on her computer and acted as if she didn’t know Leigh walked in. “Good morning!” Leigh exclaimed. “Good morning, darling.” Mrs. Mentin said, continuing to type. She then got up to use her office bathroom. Leigh put down her cello and sat on Mrs. Mentin’s seat, giggling. “When I come out, that seat better be empty.” Mrs. Mentin said from the bathroom. Leigh giggled quietly as she spun in Mrs. Mentin’s chair. The bathroom door opened and Mrs. Mentin stood staring at Leigh. “5...4...3...2…” Mrs. Mentin counted down but Leigh didn’t move. Mrs. Mentin then sat on and squashed Leigh. “Why can’t you stand and work?” Leigh said gasping for air. “Why can’t you get out of my seat?” “Because you’re on me!” Leigh shouted. Mrs. Mentin got up, releasing Leigh.

    The rest of the students arrived and Leigh sat at her stand in the orchestra room. Mrs. Mentin stood at the conductor’s spot and they played through the period, preparing for their last concert of the year.

    The bell rung and everyone ran out with their music except for Leigh and Darrell. Both sophomore cellists and both sat up at first stand together. They were best friends since 6th grade and always fought for first chair. They had lunch after orchestra unlike everyone else who had another class. It was also Mr. and Mrs. Mentin’s lunch period. Mrs. Mentin went out everyday to lunch with Mr. Marx, the choir teacher, who was undoubtedly gay but had quite a temper. Rather than being alone in the orchestra room, Leigh and Darrell spent their lunch periods with Mr. Mentin who never invited them in but never seemed to kick them out. “Good afternoon, Mr. Mentin!” Leigh said walking in with the cafeteria food. “It was good until you walked in.” Mr. Mentin said, typing away on his computer. “Greetings, Mr. Mentin.” Darrell said, approaching him to shake his hand. “And you brought this one?” He said, shaking his hand. Leigh giggled and asked, “What are you doing?” “Putting in the attendance. Kids like to skip band class but I’m no dummy.” Leigh tried containing a giggle. Mr. Mentin glared playfully. “What are you eating? It smells revolting.” Mr. Mentin asked. “School lunch.” “You buy everyday?” “No, I get free lunch.” “Lucky and not lucky. The food here sucks.” “I know, but it gets you by.”

    “So why are you here again?” Mr. Mentin asked, trying to find a way to annoy the kids enough to leave. “Because your wife’s not upstairs.” “Where is she?” “With Mr. Marx.” Darrell answered. “As always.” Leigh said rolling her eyes. “She deserves a day out.” Mr. Mentin said smiling. “Every day?” “She’s a hard worker and loving mother.” “Awww!” Darrell and Leigh let out at the same time. “Oh get over it.” Mr. Mentin said. “You are the most hardcore teddy bear ever.” Leigh said laughing. “Excuse me?” “You are so full of love but so wrapped in hate.” “I don’t hate you.” Mr. Mentin said. There was a moment of silence as everyone waited for the other to say something. “I just dislike you strongly and dislike you visiting me and dislike your instrument.” Mr. Mentin said with a chuckle. “Band geeks aren’t the coolest kids in the school either.” Leigh said smirking. “OOOOHHH!” Darrell shouted, trying to get them amped up but they only stared at him. “Perhaps not but we’re the best.” Mr. Mentin replied. “In your dreams.” “And in reality.”

    The bell rang  and Leigh and Darrell said goodbye to Mr. Mentin and headed out the band room. “Finally!” Mr. Mentin let out. Mr. Rock heard Mr. Mentin’s yell and came out of his office. He saw Darrell and Leigh running out of the band. “Why are there orchestra kids inside of my band room!” He shouted but the kids ran out before they could turn around to face him. Every other period, Leigh would pass by the orchestra room, say something that would annoy Mrs. Mentin, then go off to her class as she did every day.

    By the end of the day, Leigh walked into the music lab and was greeted by Mr. Holmes once more with their special handshake. The entire room seemed to greet Leigh as she walked in. Leigh smiled as she saw Mrs. Mentin at the head computer again, waved and sat in her seat. Moments later, Mrs. Mentin called for Leigh and stood with her arms open. Leigh ran to her and hugged her. They hugged every day.

    Leigh knew Mrs. Mentin for 5 years, since 6th grade, and throughout those 5 years, Mrs. Mentin had been there for her. One day Leigh was having a bad day and Mrs. Mentin hugged her tightly. Innocently, Leigh looked up at Mrs. Mentin and told her she felt better  because of the hug. Since then, Mrs. Mentin had made it a point to hug Leigh all the time.

    As Leigh went home, she opened the door to her mother crying upon the couch. “Sit down!” Her mother demanded and Leigh quickly placed her backpack on the couch and sat next to it. “Every day? Every day you have to stay after school and hang out with your friends? What about hanging out with your poor mother here at home?” Her mother cried. Leigh said nothing and only stared at her dog who looked at her blindly and with fear on his face. “You don’t have an answer for me do you? Of course you don’t. You’re the most selfish child I’ve ever seen. You don’t care! You never have! Have I physically harmed you?” Her mother asked, sobbing. Leigh shook her head. “Have I not bought you everything you wanted?” Leigh shook her head. “Then look at me when I’m talking to you! Pay me some respect! Show me some love! Show me the love you show that damn Mrs. Mentin!” Leigh’s eyes shot up and she glared at her mother angrily, tears forming in her eyes. Her mother stood up, red in the face, and glared hard at Leigh.  She brought her face right into Leigh’s face and spat, “She hasn’t done a damn thing for you. You’re her student. When you graduate, you’ll be a face she long forgotten. I’m your mother. Love me! Not her!” Her mother walked away and Leigh grabbed her backpack and went upstairs to do her homework.

    Leigh closed the door, threw her backpack and, threw herself on her bed and began to sob quietly. She soaked her pillow and gasped for air. Her bedroom opened and her mother barged in. “Why are you crying now? I didn’t hit you! You’re not hurt, I am. You don’t know pain like I do. I’m an unwanted person to the child I birthed! Do you know how much pain I feel? I married an asshole and you’re just like him. No consideration for my feelings! Bring your damn backpack downstairs! How many times do I have to tell you before you get it through your thick skull?! And stop your sobbing, you’re fine!” Her mother shouted before slamming the door on her way.

    Leigh dragged her backpack downstairs, then made her way back up, wiping her face. She lied on her bed and grabbed her iPod and started a new message. “I need you…” She typed and a few more tears streamed down her face. She searched for the contact she was looking for and sent it. Below the text read, “Mrs. Mentin, Delivered.”

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