Leave your fears behind

Kaytlyn is just a sixteen year old girl, with deep fears with friendship and love. But she secretly does not know what she feels for Harry Styles, her best friend. They go on adventures, and meet new people, but everything changes when Harry Styles starts dating a girl they met at a adventure and since then, everything changes.


1. Friends

Chapter One: Fears

Kaytlyn's P.O.V

I yet was not so sure about how I felt about someone, if I had hate, anger, or if this person made me laugh all the time, makes me smile, always has something to tell me, either i'ts good, or bad. I'm scared we might not be friends in the future anymore, but I don't know if we will excatly always be friends, or maybe oneday this will end, but probably we will always stick together, we're just friends. I'm friends with Harry Styles.

It's summer, and yeah, i'm just in my room looking at the wall, waiting for a text. Or a call.

While I'm down stairs having dinner with my parents I hear my cell phone ring.

"Excuse me." I say

"Sure hunny."Said my dad

I answer my phone.

"Hello?" I ask as I answer

"Kaytlyn?" Harry Styles asks.

I can't speak. I'm kinda upset that he only called today.

"Har-ry?"I said

"Sorry for not calling lately. I was busy." He said.

'Busy for calling me huh..?' I thought

"Thats fine..I guess.." I said.

Even when it was not fine. I think I got certain feelings for Harry Styles. If anyone wanted me to call him something, he would be my idiot. He always makes me feel better.

"How about we go out for dinner?" He asks.

I'm suprised by his invataiton but also so happy. How could I say no?

"Of course, that sounds great!" I said.

"I'll pick you up by 6:00pm Mrs.Lander." He jokes.

I hang up happily and I ran to my room.

I opened my closet and got the best thing I could wear. My blue dress with flower paterns that I got for christmas from Prada. I couldn't forget my Tiffany & Co neckless and, my LV clutch and my gucci matching shoes. Sparkly Nude heals. Of course.

I was so happy for going on what I call a 'date' which I wasn't sure what this dinner was for him. I didn't even know why he would want to go on a dinner night with me.

I wait until the doorbell rings. About 5:56pm my mother calls me from downstairs.

"Kaytlyn! hunny! Harry is here!" she yelled from the living room.

I walked down the stairs imaginating myself as if I was in a white dress getting married.

Harry Styles looked at me until I got to the bottom of the stairs.

"You look.. So.." He said without finishing the sentence.

I was waiting. Maybe I looked to dressed up for him?

"Should I go change..?" I questioned.

"Of course not." he affirmed.

"So I look..?" I asked.

"Beautiful."He said.

I smiled looking down and after right at him. At this awkward moment, my dad was watching The Fault in Our Stars trailer, and a romantic song was playing at the moment.

"So.. Where shall we go for dinner?" I asked

"Is Village okay?" He asked kinda laughing.

"Perfect." I said affirmeretivley with a serious look.

"Have fun you two.. Be back by 12:00am." said my mother.

"Don't worry Mrs.Lander, your daughter will be back at 11:59." Said Harry seriously but also in a way to joke.

"Hmm, I like you already Mr.Styles."

"Um.. can we go?" I said.

This was getting more awkward then what I thought it would be.

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