I Am Sorry

Sometimes you have to dig deep. But look on the bright side.


1. I Am Sorry


I am sorry you have seen the cracks in my self-esteem, the flames in my dying dream. Will you kiss my tears off my cheeks, and give me your promises and peace? Will you be by my side in the loose weave of the night? Will you hold my hand when I fall asleep, curled up like dead leaves on the streets? Will you keep your promise, or do you only do damage? Pull yourself together, make a reversal, ‘cause all we do is going round in circles. Are you just here for the dumb show? If so, please let me go. Even though, I think about you. Do you even think about me too? Is it the other way around, am I some kind of a found? I am suffering because of you, and you know that too. You keep pushing on, why can’t you be gone? I can’t get away from you, you are the one I always bump into. You’re holding me tight, it is not alright. You need to face the reality - that is the suffering of mortality. You can’t have it all, you will only fall. You must understand that I am grand. I will survive without you, and my family will do that too. We are alright without you. The life we have now is all new. All we do is treating each other right. All you ever did was to fight. We give each other kisses and hugs. All you ever did was taking drugs. We love each other. We are loyal to each other. We guide each other. We help each other. We care about each other. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but our love is enough.

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