The Fairy Tale Keepers

EMMA is the nerdy one who doubts and doesn't believe in being a better and prettier person.
TAYLOR is the tomboy who hates girly things.
GABBY is the girl who doesn't act like herself.
DANIEL is the athletic, adventurous, and dirty one.

These four girls NEVER get along but when they end up in a world who doesn't agree with another, they will have to find peace for both worlds and DEFIANTLY for themselves so they can get home.


1. Forced To Be Together

Emma knocked on Gabby's door. But before she knocked she could already hear fighting. She knocked again and this time the door swung open.

"What do you fudgin' want?" Taylor asked a little to harshly. Taylor, a tomboy, was actually very pretty for a girl but Taylor refused. Her long, blond hair was tied in a ponytail. Her skin was pale and her cheeks were flushed red. She was wearing a blue Adventure Time shirt with Finn and Jake on the front. She wore shorts that reached her knees and she wore black hightops.

"What do you need?" Taylor asked again but this time impatiently. "Ummm........ I'm supposed to be here?" Emma guessed pushing her glasses up but slid down her nose again.

"Why?" Taylor asked.

"It's because," Emma answered starting to get annoyed.

"Because what?"

"You know why."



"Don't freakin 'ugh' me! Tell me why!"

"Ask Gabby," Emma groaned already fuming.

"GABBY!" Taylor screamed. Loud footfalls came closer and closer until the door swung wide open.

"Um, hi," Gabby said frowning and sweating. Her red, shoulder length hair was sticking out in all directions. She was wearing a pretty hot pink blouse and a mini skirt. She was kind of dirty (maybe because of the fighting Emma heard) but otherwise she was pretty. Only if she combed her hair.

"Are you Emma?" Gabby asked her. "Yup," Emma replied. "Oh great, another girl that I DONT get along with. Thank you mom and dad who aren't here," Gabby groaned.

"We're supposed to be friends because of that bad connection. Our parents planned this," Taylor said growling. Emma remembered that bad connection event. That's when they had to be suspended for a week for what they had done, including one other girl who she didn't know.

"Stupid." Said Gabby. For the first time in Emma's life she agreed.

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