The past

Niall tells about his past to an interviewer he talks about a pretty girl he met when he was little her name is Skylar, but does the flashback end bad read to find out


1. the interview

One direction was on the rode to an interview.

"I AM STARVING" says Niall.

"Are we almost there this is taking forever" Harry said.

"Almost" said Paul. It took about an hour to get there. They finally arrived to the interview.

"Hi my name is Carry I am your interviewer how are you guys today. "

"Hungry, " says Niall

"We are all fine how are you, " says Liam.

"I am just fine as well so I have a question for Niall I would like to ask who was your first crush as a kid and please tell the whole story if you guys don't mind. "

"No I don't mind. "

"We'll it all started in first grade before I went to an all boy school. "

Hi guys Niall is telling the story now but its going to be first person point of view kinda so just go with it if you don't mind


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