Similarities Of Different Disney Movies

This will be a book that will point out the true similarities of different Disney movies. That is simply all.


1. Frozen and The Lion King

1. Both movies start off with a song that no one really knows the lyrics to. 

2. Both Simba and Anna wake up a family member and both of the family members are annoyed.

3. Almost every five minutes of the movie, they sing.

4. The main character runs away because of a family member.

5. Both characters that run away sing a song about being free.

6. Someone comes to the place where the character ran off to and tell them that the whole kingdom ( or pride lands) has had bad days since the character has been gone.

7. The bad guy which sounds like the good guy wants to rule the land and murder the royal family.

8. With teamwork, all the good guys try to restore peace.

9. Everyone is happy.

10. They all lived happily ever after.


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