Nothing like you expected


1. Chapter One: The Luck

Ashley's P.O.V.

I took my suitcases down the stairs of my parents house you see I'm from Nashville, Tennessee and I'm moving to London for my first job since I just got out of university.

"My little sister has gotten a job before me" my brother, Jake stated as he finished with putting my stuff in his car and we climbed in and he drove to the airport.

"Tell mom and dad I love them and I will call as soon as I get situated and tell my friends I am gonna miss them and is will visit them when I get the chance to" I told him.

"What about your boyfriend?" Jake asks and I cringed at that my boyfriend had dumped me last week due too the fact I was offered a job to be a hairstylist for the biggest boy and in the world One Direction and he even was more angered when I took the offer.

"He dumped me last week Jake" I said hoarsely and a few tears shed and he wiped them away.

"Well then he is a douche bag from the start" Jake told me and I smiled up at him and hugged him tightly.

"Flight 832 to London, England now boarding" the announcer said and I hugged Jake bye one last time.

"Bye boo" Jake cooed and I smiled.

"Bye doo doo head I love you and I am gonna miss you" I said and boarded the plane and we took off.

"Hey ma'am mind if I uh sit here?" A little boy asks.

"Go right ahead and are you on this plane alone?" I asked him and he nodded.

"Yeah I am I am going to see my cousin Harry in London all by myself" he said excitedly and I giggled.

"Okay that's awesome" I said smiling down at him pinching his cheeks a bit.

"I just don't want to be alone to find him when we land can you wait with me?" He asks.

"You know what is your cousin Harry in One Direction as in Harry Styles?" I asked him.

"Yes but please don't scream" he pleaded and I chuckled.

"I won't I'm their new hairstylist Ashley" I said smiling at him an he grinned.

"I'm Henry" he said and I shook his little hand.

"Well Henry I will help you find your cousin if you help me find One Direction in total" I said grinning knowing his cousin is cousins to Harry Styles and we fell asleep by time I woke up we were about to land and Henry was still asleep and I shook him awake.

"Henry wake up we are about to land" I cooed to him and he is now bouncing in his seat.

"Calm down little one your cousin is going nowhere" I said giggling as we finally got off the plane and we went to claim our own luggage and we waited for his cousin in a chair each. Henry's face lit up and ran off towards Harry and hugged him as Harry spinned him around and they were both grinning and Harry looked up at me and the six of them made their way towards me.

"Hi" I said with a small smile.

"Hey and thanks for flying with my cousin" Harry said smiling at me.

"Oh it's not a problem I love kids so there is no need to thank me" I said shrugging.

"Wait aren't you our new hairstylist?" Liam asks.

"Yup" I said and they grinned at me.

"Ashley is your name right?" Zayn asks.

"Yup that's me" I said crossing my eyes making them chuckle at me and Henry tapped my hip and I looked down to see he wanted me to pick him up and that's what I did.

"Haha looks like Ashley attracts the younger men" Harry jokes and I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever keep on with that I'm gonna have to sick my brother on you and btw he is only four years older than me" I said sassily.

"And how old are you?" Louis asks me.

"22" I said and put Henry down so he can grab one of his suitcases while I grab all of mine.

"But we should get going Simon is expecting us to drop her off at his office" Liam said and we all took off but I felt as if I was leaving something behind but I knew it was just the fact that I left my family in Nashville, Tennessee and I miss them like crazy already. I had a few tears in my eyes as we got into their van and I sat at the window seat looking out at the view I always wanted to live here but I never thought I would be leaving my family so soon and I let out a shaky breathe I never got to say goodbye to my parents faces. I let a few tears escape as I looked out the window and my phone buzzed signalling I have a text.

Jake: Hey boo I miss you how are you?

Ashley: Hey I miss you more ;) and I could be better you know? What about you?

Jake: I am okay I just hope to see you soon babe. Forget About Alex he is only a dick and getting bigger of one too!

Ashley: Haha yeah I am trying to but it has only been a week and so far I have cried the entire week about it I guess I should of dumped him a year ago and he was gonna propose to me this week a friend told me.

Jake: He is now a bigger dick but we don't know until tree was proof but don't worry about anything definitely about him he is so gonna get hurt if I see him again!

Ashley: Jake no be nice and don't talk to him I am afraid of what will happen he had gotten aggressive I don't want him hurting you! :( ;)

Jake: Fine boo I won't but only for you as you are my little sister!

Ashley: Well I gotta go bye!

Jake: Bye babe!

I look up at the six to see Liam and Louis staring at me as Henry had fell asleep in my lap.

"What?" I asked the two and they shrugged.

"Nothing it's just Henry is always falling asleep on Harry only that's the first time he warmed up to someone so quick" Louis says and I smiled at that.

"Well I'm a kid person love them to death no matter how spoiled they are I can handle them" I said shrugging.

"Do you ever punish them with like grounding? Spanken?" Harry asks.

"No I just give them warnings and then they behave they try to test my limits so it's kind of easy for them to know what they can and can not do so I have it easy" I said shrugging and they laughed a bit.

"Not with Henry he just misbehaves big time" Harry said smirking.

"Please by time he goes home he will know what not to do and what he can do" I said smirking right back at him.

"I would love to see you try" Harry said.

"Let make a bet on it if I win you have to be my slave for a day if you win then well you get to choose" I said shrugging.

"You have to be my slave for a week" Harry said shrugging and I nodded.

"Then it's a bet you want it's a bet you get" I said shaking his hand sealing the bet.

"We are here at Sycorecords" their driver said and I lightly picked Henry up and stood placing him in my seat and Louis walked me in and to Simons office and he knocked.

"Come in Louis" Simon said I was confused.

"He recognises my signature knock" Louis says and I laugh lightly.

"I came here to drop the hairstylist off but I'm gonna wait for her as well" Louis said as we walked in.

"Sit Ashley you too Louis" Simon said and I sat in front of his desk.

"First things first do you have a criminal record?" Simon asks.

"No sir I do not I am fresh out of university they won't let you graduate if you have a criminal record" I said with wide eyes and he smiled.

"How good are you with hair?" Simon asks.

"Please not meaning to brag or anything but I actually styled my older brothers hair without looking afraid of the or come and it was perfect I have a picture of it if you want" I said and he shook his head.

"So you use you brother as a um experiment?" Simon asks.

"No he was getting ready for a date with his girlfriend and he was nervous that he messed up his own hair the first time so I came in and helped him" I said smiling at that.

"And I did my little sisters hair and make up for prom and homecoming" I said shrugging.

"Really now?" Simon asks and I nodded.

"Yeah experienced yet fresh out of Uni" I said smiling at him.

"Have you ever got into fights at school?" Simon asks and I looked down ashamed.

"Yes I my high school years there was always someone who would start the fights one year in my high school years someone tried to kidnap me but instead I fought like no girl has fought before but I promise you I fought only to defend myself the high school I went to was a bad school to go to so it was kind of hard to get along with anyone so I have only a few friends who I can't talk to anymore because their siblings hate me because I used to fight" I said shrugging and Simon smiles.

"If you had to fight again to defend not only yourself but these five lads would you?" Simon asks.

"Hell yeah I mean come on they are pretty important to most girls in the world and if the five of them got hurt on my behalf I wouldn't know what to do considering I wasn't paying attention well let's see I always pay attention so even if they got hurt in the process of me coming in then I would after fighting off the people I would aid them being the person I am but question how is this relevant to being a hairstylist?" I asked him and he shrugged.

"Just wanting to know in case their body guards aren't around and you were when they get attacked which I doubt they would but still" Simon said and I smiled.

"So is there anything else?" I asked.

"Yes one more thing how good are you with kids?" Simon asks.

"I love kids too death" I said and he smirked and nodded.

"Alright your dismissed I just needed to check all of this" Simon said and me and Louis left but I left confused.

"Why did he ask me how good I was with kids?" I asked Louis.

"I don't know but that smirk he gave off I have seen it when he set Taylor Swift and Harry up" Louis said and I scoffed.

"I can not stand Taylor Swift" I said scrunching my nose up.

"Neither do I and you know what the two are still together so please be on your best behaviour around her" Louis said.

"I will try but no promises" I said as we got in a vehicle it looked like a Lamborghini.

"Is this a Lamborghini?" I asked Louis and he was shocked.

"Yes it is and it my Lamborghini too I left it here last time we came because I went home in Liam's car because I was piss drunk" Louis said and I laughed and shook my head.

"I have always wanted a Lamborghini" I said smiling and he grinned.

"We are gonna be the bestest of friends" Louis told me and my heart sank at his wording and I didn't know why we had just met and I had been dumped last week and I smiled at Louis and looked out the window as my phone started to ring.

"Hey Lindsay" I said quietly so my voice couldn't break.

"Hey Ashley how have you been? You aren't still crying over him are you?" Lindsay asks me and I sighed.

"No I haven't yet but you don't know how much I want to no matter how big of an ass he is you know it's just not cool that he dumped me just because I got a job what am I suppose to do about it? If I hadn't of gotten a job he would be ruling over me and would treat me like shit so what am I suppose to do? I am not about to take that from him but enough about that and me how is school meet any cute boys yet?" I asked her.

"Ashley you know all of the boys here are jerks and school is great everyone keeps talking to me and praising me just because your my sister what did you do here?" Lindsay asks and I laughed.

"Nothing just was the top notch fighter because I would be defending myself now I don't want you to fight because I fought okay? Just try to keep away from fighting if you have to get our brother to keep them from trying to pick a fight with you" I said knowing how weak she can be at points she used to cut but once I kinda slapped her back to reality she stopped.

"Yes ma'am" Lindsay says with a giggle following it.

"Well Lindsay keep an eye out at school don't just let those boys get to you ya'know because they are just jealous they can't have you" I said smirking and she laughed.

"I will love ya sis and make sure to call me every chance you get" Lindsay said.

"I love ya too sis and I will bye" I said.

"Bye ttyl" she said and hung up and a tear escaped and I quickly wiped it away.

"You okay love?" Louis asks me.

"Yeah I'm fine just perfect" I lied but another tear escaped and I wiped it away and he pulled up into a huge house more like a mansion.

"Welcome to the One Direction residency" Louis said joking around and I laughed.

"Well glad to be here" I said it was so true I really was glad to be here but only for one reason I was away from that bastard Alex.

"Are you sure you are okay?" Louis asks and I then noticed I was crying.

"No" I mumbled and he brought me in a hug we are now standing outside the car.

"Come on tell me what's wrong" Louis cooed to me as he caressed my hair and rubbed my back soothingly.

"I can't" I mumbled pulling away wiping the tears away and he sighed.

"Whenever you want to talk I will be there for you to listen I am a pretty good listener" Louis cooed to me and I smiled at him.

"Thanks" I mumbled and we walked inside to see the five boys on the furniture in the living room and Taylor on Harry's lap and I held back my glare at Taylor yes I met her before she was quite rude to me so I was rude back.

"Oh hey Ashley it's good to see you again" Taylor said in a sickly sweet voice that sent me bad vibes.

"Hey Taylor same to you how long has it been? A year since we met?" I asked her and she nodded standing up giving me a hug.

"Stay away from Harry" she whispered.

"Trust me you don't have to worry about me all I care for is my brother and little sister" I whispered to her in all honesty she dated my brother then dumped him after three years of them dating and she knew I had a boyfriend as well.

"Hey how are you and Alex doing?" Taylor asked me and I cringed.

"I don't wanna talk about him all he is, is a Jackass" I said smiling sincerely.

"Oh wow I'm sorry" she said and I nodded and sat down next to Liam and Louis sat next to me on my left side.

"Whose Alex?" Liam asks me and I cringed.

"Her well-known boyfriend" Taylor says.

"Ex-boyfriend" I mumbled and hid my face with my hand and leaned back.

"Since when?" Taylor asks fake gasping.

"Last week since he found out I got a job he dumped me alright just leave me the hell alone about it" I hissed maybe I was a bit harsh on her but she didn't have a right I ask me all these questions.

"I'm sorry" she said sadly but she was so not sorry.

"Well I am tired where am I sleeping?" I asked the boys.

"I will show you to your room" Louis said and we both got up once I got in my room I fell on my bed and passed out.

"Wow is she dead?" I heard a voice ask.

"I don't think so but to be sure we need to wake her" another voice says.

"I still say we leave her asleep she is exhausted" another voice says.

"But Simon called needing her at his office in two hours" another voice said and that one sounded like Liam's voice and I groaned rolling onto my stomach putting my face in the pillow trying to suffocate myself but I heard a stern voice.

"Ashley don't" I heard Louis voice say sternly and I groaned and I was turned back around.

"Leave me be" I muttered to them.

"Yeah no get up" Louis told me and I opened my eyes to see the five boys and Henry and Taylor.

"Fine" I groaned but didn't sit up.

"Sit up" Liam said.

"Leave my room" I mumbled noticing I ripped my clothes again while I slept.

"Not before you get up" Niall said and I smiled and laughed innocently.

"I can't get up at least take Henry out of the room and you will see why I tell you too leave and not wait till I get up" I said and Taylor and Henry left the room and I got out of bed and their jaws were dropped.

"You see when Alex dumped me I was angered a bit because of how much of an ass he is and I take my anger out at night and rip my clothes it's not as bad as it was the first night" I said blushing a bit.

"Okay well lads out of the room" Louis said I guess he sensed that I didn't want none of them in here but the four left and Louis stayed behind and I quirked an eyebrow.

"Leave" I mumbled and he shook his head and came closer to me and gently smashed his lips on mine our lips moving in sync as I kissed back but I pushed him off.

"Louis I can't I'm sorry not right now" I said with tears rollin down my cheeks and he sighed.

"I'm sorry I-I" I cut him off by covering his mouth.

"Don't be sorry just give me some time it's only been a week" I said sadly and he sighed and nodded.

"Alright but Simon wants to see you in two hours so get ready" Louis told me and I nodded and he left the room and I put on a pair of turquoise skinny jeans and a pink shirt and put on a pair of wedges and curled my hair even more than it was naturally and put on my acne medicine and styled my extra curly hair in a cute but casual look and I walked downstairs and saw that they were all honestly shocked as it only took my ten minutes to get ready and I smiled.

"Damn girl your fast" Taylor said amazed.

"Thanks my time record has to be five minutes though" I said going to the kitchen and saw there was food on the table and I turned to see they all followed me in here.

"Why are you all following me?" I asked them and they shrugged.

"We want to see what you think of Harry's cooking" Louis said and I smiled and took the only plate on the table and took a bite of the bacon and smiled at them.

"Any huge meat eater won't complain about bacon" I said and went to the pancakes and my eyes rolled to the back of my head on purpose and I let out a mmmm.

"Well if I have to say I think I have some competition" I said smiling at them and they laughed.

"You cook?" Louis asks.

"Yes and I also bake a little but mostly from scratch" I said smiling at them and they grinned.

"You know we have to leave soon" Liam said as I finished eating and washing the plate and fork and we left.

"So how fast did it take you to get ready?" Simon asks.

"Ten minutes" Liam said and Simon was shocked at that.

"She says her record time has to be five minutes" Niall said shocking Simon even more.

"I have been trying to make my record one minute but it's been impossible recently" I said shrugging and he smiled.

"Lads leave the office except Louis Taylor you leave as well" Simon says and I stayed with Louis knowing that I have to stay here with the two.

"You see I was originally gonna just have you as their hairstylist but then when I saw that you two would look cute together and it would be publicity for you two and I just thought maybe I could have you two dating for the public eye" Simon said and I grew a bit angry at that.

"Sorry sir I can't I just got out of a relationship like just last week I'm not ready for another one" I said with a tear streaming my face.

"I'm sorry love but they would get even more popular" Simon said and I laughed and shook my head.

"You know everyone back at home would call me a slut because well I have had about nine boyfriends already I dumped eight of them the last one dumped me because he is an ass and I should of dumped him a year ago when he was starting to get aggressive and abusive" I hissed and tried my best to keep my cool.

"I can't either she is just too much of a wreck right now uncle Si she is about to lose it if she hears one more thing about this" Louis says.

"Okay since you both don't want too if you don't fake date for the public eye then your both fired" Simon said.

"You have a week to decide" Simon says and he dismissed us and our eyes were wide and we walked out shocked as ever.

"He can't do this" I said and fell to the ground and Louis squatted next to me rubbing my back.

"Sorry to break this too you but he can do this he is our boss" Louis told me and helped me up and we caught up with the others and me and Louis stayed quiet.

"What happened in there what did he tell you two?" Liam asks and neither one of us answered.

"Ashley" Harry said and I looked at him blankly and he sighed.

"Quit being so quiet you two" Niall begged.

"Harry what happened to them?" Henry asks Harry and I opened my mouth.

"Life" I mumble, "that's what happened" I finished and as soon as their driver parked I got out and went to the backyard not saying anything else for the rest of the day.

"Love you gotta eat sometime and talk you nor Louis has eaten or talked since you two got out of the vehicle" Liam said and I sighed and shook my head.

"Not hungry" I mumbled and my stomach growled.

"Looks like your stomach disagrees" Liam jokes and I smiled.

"Yeah I guess but I don't want to talk about what happened so if it's alright with you I will like to eat out here" I mumbled to him.

"Sure want some company?" Liam asks and I nodded and he handed me a plate of food going inside and came right back out with a plate of his own and he sat next to me.

"So it had to be horrible because Louis is not his loud usual self" Liam said looking at me sadly and I sighed.

"Simon threatened to fire us for a very stupid reason we have a week to figure things out" I said as I ate some food on my plate.

"Wow is it having to do with dating because Harry went through exactly this of course he was too excited to talk and eat but you and Louis seem to be dreading it" Liam said.

"It's not Louis' fault that I'm dreading it you see I was dumped just a week ago I'm not fully over it and I course I am not ready for another relationship and everyone in Nashville, Tennessee will think I'm a slut because I have had nine boyfriends dumped right of them because the were starting to get abusive and the ninth one Alex dumped me because I got this job" I said taking another few bites.

"Wow Ashley I hate to break it too you but since you only have a week I would just get it over with tell Simon you will do it same with Louis he has to agree with you but tell Simon the two of you are deciding to have a slow going relationship to where it will feel as though you two are just really good best friends" Liam said and I grinned at that finished my food.

"Never thought of doing that you my friend are a life saver by the way where is Louis?" I asked him and he chuckled.

"His room here let me take you too him maybe you can get him to talk and eat" Liam said and we went inside and he fixed a plate for Louis and he took me too Louis room and I knocked.

"Go away" Louis whimpered.

"I kind of can't Louis I need to talk to you" I said and e whimpered again and me and Liam looked at each other with concerned looks.

"Please Lou I really need to talk to you and you need to eat as well I'm sorry if I made what I said at all earlier like it was your fault or whatever but you can't keep this up Lou your not just worrying me your worrying your band mates and your starting to concern us all please let me in and eat" I pleaded and I heard the door knob click and I silently opened the door taking the plate from Liam and he walked downstairs I walked in Louis room and closed and locked the door turning the lights on in here and sitting down on the edge of Louis bed.

"Louis" I spoke and he looked at me and he was frowning tears stained his cheeks and my heart had dropped lower than before.

"Louis what's wrong?" I asked him setting his plate on his bed side table and got all the way on his bed sitting criss-cross leaning against the head of the board and I put his head in my lap and ran my fingers through his soft feathery hair.

"Nothing" Louis whimpered as a few more tears escaped.

"Louis you know you can't fool me bud" I said and he looked up at me when I said 'bud'.

"You know I really do like you I wish you would agree to this but tell Simon it's not going to be a fake relationship" Louis said and I smiled at him sadly.

"I'm sorry Lou I didn't see this before but promise to go slow for me?" I asked and he smiled a bit.

"Anything for you" Louis said and I leaned over and kissed him and he kissed back our lips moving in sync and he slid his tongue on by bottom lip asking for entrance and I denied and pulled away and he pouted but then grinned evilly.

"You need to eat" I said pointing to his plate and he quickly ate and he pulled my legs forcing me to lay down and I giggle as he now hovers over me the back of my shirt is ridden up and he leaned down smashing his lips on mine and our lips moved in sync and his tongue grazed my bottom lip asking for entry again and I granted it this time as our tongues fought and explored each other's mouths and my hands found their way to the back of his neck as his hands found the way to my bare lower back. He was about to take my shirt off when we heard a knock on his door and he whimpered and winked at me meaning he wants me to play along.

"Ashley we need you" Liam said and I sighed walking out of Louis room after fixing my appearance.

"Is he now on talking terms? Or is he still upset?" Liam asks and I sighed sadly.

"He is hopeless hasn't spoken a word to me hasn't even ate yet I'm afraid if it comes down to it we will have to send him to a councillor so he can talk through his problems or just listen to the councillor" I said silently and Liam sighed and I smiled at Liam.

"You have just been pranked" Louis yells and I laugh and I hear cheers from downstairs and Louis came out with his empty plate handing it to Liam and I went downstairs.

"Hey guys sorry I haven't been socialising today it's just that Simon said something that really upset me and whatever I said had upset Louis and I am just sorry" I said and Niall ran up an gave me a hug.

"Thank goodness your not turning mute on us" Niall whispered and I laughed.

"That would be impossible you know that right?" Louis asks and Niall pulled me over and gave both me and Louis a huge hug.

"Never do that to us again!" Niall begged and I laughed but noticed two people missing.

"Where is Taylor and Harry?" I asked confused.

"Harry went with Taylor to her flat they practically love there" Zayn said and I noticed Louis face sadden at that and I touched his upper arm to comfort him and he looked down at me and smiled at my touch.

"Don't worry pretty soon he will realise what he has gotten himself into" I whispered in Louis ear as we hugged.

"How do you know?" Louis asks.

"She dated my brother he was blinded about what she was doing to me she would hurt me to her hearts desire all we did was send each other glares my brother walked in on her talking trash about me to my face and she was also talking trash about my little sister and I was ready to punch her face in the only thing that was holding me back was my sister I didn't want her to see me fight I thought I would ruin her innocence with that but I was already too late" I mumbled and a few tears slipped from my eyes Taylor was dating my brother for about three years she dumped him to fake date Harry Styles.

"What happened to her?" Liam asks.

"I mean she is still alive but she started cutting two years before that because of Taylor I couldn't handle my anger from then on out I wanted to hurt every single soul who would hurt my little sister the person who held me back was my older brother Jake he was always there for me and Lindsay for when we were angry sad any emotion even if we are happy or excited because then something good has happened and right now I don't think life could get any better well if she left then yeah life would definitely be better" I said and they all smiled at me and I sat on a couch Louis laid down putting his head in my lap and I ran my fingers through his hair.

"So what all happened in that room?" Zayn asks with wide eyes and I laughed.

"Nothing we were just talking that's all" I said and no one believed me.

"Sure how come I didn't hear talking when I walked up the stairs to go check up on you two?" Liam asks and I looked down with a blush.

"She was just calming me down geez you lads ask to many questions" Louis said with a blush on his cheeks too.

"Then why are you two blushing?" Niall asks.

"I'm not blushing I just have naturally rosy cheeks from living in Tennessee there is a lot of sun (I really don't know I am from Texas) and I get sunburned a lot so that gave me naturally rosy cheeks" I lied and they quirked an eyebrow.

"Quit lying to us just admit you two shared a kiss" Liam exclaimed frustratedly and me and Louis looked and each other and grinned at the three.

"We for sure didn't share a kiss" I said being the smart ass I am and Louis laughed and Niall and Zayn snickered and Liam grew a tad mad but laughed anyways because he knew how much of a smart ass Louis is and now times that by two so yeah.

"Okay then admit you two made out" Liam said.

"Why would we want to admit something that's so not true?" I asked tilting my head at them and they gave up and we divided to watch a movie which Louis kept bugging me through and I kept smacking his hands away from my ass.

"Quit making so much noise over there we are trying to watch a movie" Liam whined and I silently giggled and Louis chuckled silently.

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