Marble Hornets Love Triangle: Hoodie X Girl X Masky

I decide to make a Marble Hornets LOVE TRIANGLE <3


1. Beginning

I usally write horror story not love. So please be nice, also be nice I don't write the best anyway.

   Oh and I got some ideas from other books like this on a a different Site. 

(Spoilers here btw: Pretend that no one is dead, not the ARK, not Jay, not hoodie. OKAY!)



I heard a knock at my door. 

"Coming!" I yelled sorta. I am in a random hotel I woke up in, made friends with someone in the same situation. He let me used a camera, I feel like I am being stalked. I opened the door and my friend Jay was there.

"Hi Jay." I had a tape in my hand. "I need to talk to you." I called him. 

"About what?" I went over to the table where a note and the tape had been. 

"I found a tape on my pillow last night. They left a note too, I haven't looked at it." I took the note in my hand  and I began reading. 

                   We are always watching. Smile for the camera.

then it had a circle with a X through it. Jay had his thingy that watched tapes. I put the tape in.

        I saw myself looking for anyone in the path of th  forest. No sound but I saw to men who are filming me. Then it cuts to me sleeping. A hooded one with red eyes and frown set my head on hislap, then started playing with my hair. The other one set down the camera and kissed my lips. The hooded one set me down and then they placed a note. And then I guessed they brought the tape later. Lastly it cuts to them watching me through the window in my house. I was taking a shower but they came in and the good thing I didn't sing in the shower. After  I stoped the water they stand there waiting. I got dressed in th  bathroom. I came out then got tackled, then knocked out. The tape ends with the words. Looked what Jay caused. 

 "Jay, I don't remember that. I remember walking in the woods and sleeping but not kissed." (The masked out scrolled his mask to show his lips, then kissed) "Jay, I am SCARED!"

"I am too."


"They are trying to kill me." 

".....true....." Jay was going to leave. It was night. "Jay wait. Can you stay here. Pleeeasee" i begged. I was so scared. 

"Fine." He layed in the bed nexted to me while I set up my camera. I fell asleep but woke to a loud noice. They were carrying Jay while the Hooded one held the camera. I came up behind them.

"WHY AR  YOU STALKING ME." The hooded one tackled my with his hand covering my mouth. The masked guy returned Jay to his room and came back in my room. He came over here and kneeled down next to me. They released there hand from my mouth and Mask man. (Im gonna call the masked one Masky and hooded one Hoodie.) And Masky put his hand one my cheek. Then set me on my bed and layed next to me but before i fell asleep they kissed my forehead


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