What did you do to me?



Zoe's P.O.V

I was sitting in the living room watching TV, surrounding by 12 cats, yeah i love cats. Until my phone vibrate, i saw the ID, uncle Simon is calling me "hello?" I ansered "hi Z how are you?"he said "i'm good thanks, what's up?" "Look, i need you to do me a favour ok?" "Yeah, sure" "umm, well there is a band that need cover for a little while because of the fans and your house is the perfect place for them to hide, it's only a short time, what do you say?" I didn't know what to say "umm, ok, why not" "thank you very much Z, i have to go now bye" "but when do they..." BEEP he hung up, he didn't tell me when they are coming, or who they are. Anyways, my house is like a little town, it has a gim, a studio under the ground, yeah... Under the ground, isn't that great? I also have a dancing studio, 'cause i love to dance, and i can sing too. My phone is vibrating again, who....Ally, my best friend in the whole world "hello?" I said "what's up bitch!" Yeah we call each other that "hey slutty, any news about jake?" Jake is her crush "i saw him yesterday but i couldn't talk to him" "why not??" "He was busy playing with a bitch's hair who was sitting on his fucking lap" i laughed "don't laugh Z, i'm serious". In case you were wondering Z is my nickname. "Sorry, sorry " "hey, let's go out i'm hungry" "where?" "Nando's?" "HELL YEAH!!!" I screamed, she laughed "'cause i know how much you love that place" "yeah, now less talking, more eating,bye" she giggled "bye" and we both hung up.


"So..?" She said "so what?" I said with a mouth full of chicken "anyone special yet?" "Mmm.... Not yet" "you sure?" What is she talking about? "Yeah i'm pretty sure, why?" I asked "i see how joe looks at you" joe? Pfft... "What? Eww" she laughed "yeah he's nice" "then go out whit him" i teased "no wtf!?!" She said, great, now every one is looking at us "sorry...sorry..." I apologised to the people looking at us "why are you apologising for? Don't give a fuck about a damn thing girl" "well, this is my favourite place in the world and i don't wanna get us kicked out" "true..." She whispered but i can hear it.


We ate, went shopping, played a little. Wait... Oh right that band is coming today, and i don't know when, they could be in front of my house freezing and i'm here... Omg i have to go "Ally, i just remembered something, i have to go, bye" i said ready to run to my house "but..." Before she could finish i was running as fast as i could


I arrived to my house, i'm walking to my door, why do i have so much trees and plants i can't see any thing, "I'M HOME" i shouted, my dog max came running to me, he barked "hi maxy, what are you doing?" He kept barking, but not his usual bark, that means that someone is here. I saw five boys in front of my door, one with a curly hair playing with his phone, one with blonde hair playing with my plants, two talking, the first one with black hair, and second one with brown hair, he doesn't have much hair like the others, and the last one has brown hair, he was sitting on the ground. They all looked at me, the one with brown hair stand up "oh you're here, sorry i'm late but simon didn't tell me when were you guys coming" i said walking to them, they all smiled at me, wow i'll have five handsome boys in my house for... I don't know how much they are staying, i'll ask simon later "that's okay" the one who doesn't have much hair said "ooh, it's freezing out here, well c'mon in" i opened the door and let them all in. They gasped when they saw the inside of my house"wow" the blonde one said "this place is HUGE" said the short one with brown hair, they all laughed "you have a nice house" the one with curly hair said, i thanked them. "Well, i'm zoe" i said "i'm harry" "i'm niall" "i'm zayn" "i'm louis" "i'm liam" "and we are ONE DIRECTION" they all said, nice. "Nice to meet you all" "nice to meet you too" they all said at the same time, i giggled. "Well, make your self home" i said walking to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. I came back to see harry, shirtless, niall and louis sitting on the couch. Liam laying on the other couch with his phone in his hands. And zayn sitting on a chair beside them. I was looking at harry..."sorry, but you said make your self home, and i'm always naked home" harry said "make sense" i said "you guys hungry?" "No not really" "i'm hungry" niall said rasing his hand in the air, louis looked at him "niall, you just ate" i laughed "but, louis i'm hingry..." Niall said like a little boy arguing with his daddy over a toy, he looked at me "take anything from the kitchen". He ran to the kitchen and start looking in the fridge "well, since we don't know each other, how about 20 questions?" Louis asked "yeah sure" "alright, get your asses over here boys" i laughed we sat in a sircle. I was between niall, and harry. Louis was beside harry, next to him was liam, and next to liam was zayn "okay, first question, what's your full name?" "Zoe Bella Jonson" "favourite color?" "Green" "isn't that a boys color?" "well i loved green since i was two years old, so" "okay..." "Next question, do you have a boyfriend?" "Nope, actually i never had a boyfriend" "what? Really?" They said with wide eyes "yeah" "why,?you're pretty" i blushed, "i don't know, maybe 'cause i eat too much?" "That's stupid" niall said with his mouth full of food, i shrugged "okay, what's the most embarrassing moment ever?" "Mmm, embarrassing moment... Oh, umm once i was walking with my earphones in my ears, and i was singing and dancing to my favourite song, and i was wearing a short, very short dress, there was a rock or something in front of me, but i didn't see it, so i tripped and felt, and when i felt to the ground, well... The dress is up, everything is exposed, but the problem is, is that i didn't realise that my crush was right behind me, and when he came bye he said 'nice vew' and yeah, that was the most embarrassing moment of my life AND the last time i wore a dress" when i finished they were all laughing their asses off, niall was rolling in the ground of laughter, i started laughing too, remembering the old memory. "Poor girl" louis said patting my back, i gave him the ':/' look. "What's your favourite food?" Niall asked, well that boy have solething special with food, just like me "pizza" "cool"


We spent the evening just playing video games, and talking and laughing, these boys are really fun to be around. Zayn yawned "you tired?" I asked him "yeah" he said, he doesn't talk too much, unlike louis, my god that boy never shut up, but his really funny. "Okay so, your room is right there to the left" i pointed to an empty room, i showed them all their rooms and went to bed. I brushed my teeth, put my pyjamas on and felt asleep.

I woke up the next morning with the sound of my annoying alarm clock. I throw a pillow on it, but it wont stop, so i smacked it with my fist, over and over again until the beeping stopped. I washed my face, took a quick shower, straightened my hair, and wore my favourite outfit, it's a black skinny jeans and a black tank top. I tiptoed to the kitchen since my room is upstairs. They're still sleeping, so i made chocolate pancakes and grabbed an orange juice from the fridge, i put then on the table along with chocolate sauce and some strawberries and bananas. I made a small cake with those pancakes and covered the food with a big napkin. I left them a note. And went to shopping, since we ate everything yesterday, there is nothing left, there is a little bit of food in the fridge, but that's not enough 'cause we are six in the house.

Harry's P.O.V

Last night was great, zoe is so nice, funny an pretty, she have long brown silky curly hair, with big green eyes. I woke up, the house was quite, that means everyone is still sleeping, i slowly opened zoe's bedroom door, she wasn't there, where is she? I checked all the rooms, the boys are still sleeping. I was hungry so i went to the kitchen. I saw something on the table with a note on top of it, that most be zoe. I grabbed the not it says:

Good morning, hope you like chocolate pancakes, i went to get more food.enjoy :)

I smiled , and ate the pancakes, these are the most delicious pancakes ever. Soon enough, every one was awake, niall ate two plates. "These are really good" louis said. I told them about the note 'cause they asked me about zoe. There's still one pancake left on the plate, uh oh, that means there is going to be a fight in 1...2...3 "IT'S MINE" niall shouted "NO, I SAW IT FIRST" said louis "guys stop fighting" liam, the daddy direction said. "But liam i want it" niall said with a poppy face "he ate enough, i did't ate any thing yet" louis saud with a sad face "you know what" i whispered, i grabbed the pancake and ate it "there" i said with my mouth full, they both gasped "you didn't..." Niall said, i nodded raising my eye brows "I'LL KILL YOUUU" louis screamed. They were running after me, i hide in the kitchen guardian "come out come out where ever you areee" louis said, i covered my moth so they wont hear me, i felt something on my leg... A cat? Omg" hey cutie" oh shit, i'm dead "gotcha" louis said, i screamed mainly but i found niall standing in front of me. "Where do you think you're going pretty boy?" Asked niall "look guys.. I was just..." I said backing away from them, then i felt what looked like... Ketchup on my hair? "Fuck youuu..." I said running after them, i grabbed two eggs and smashed them on louis's hair "i wouldn't do that if i was you..." Louis said "oh really, and what ate you going to.." Boom, flour on my whole body, we were having a food fight, eggs, flour, ketchup, chocolate all over the place, we even Broke a vas. The place was a mess, we just sat there laughing. Until the door rang. Oh no.

Zoe's P.O.V

I came back my hand full of bags, i can't open the door so i just rang the bell, liam opened the door with a nervous smile on his face," hey liam" i said smiling "oh uh h-hey zoe, here let me help you with those" i thanked him, he was acting... Weird. I rushed to the kitchen to put the bags but... I gasped when i saw chocolate, eggs, flour, and ketchup all over the place "who did this" i said pointing to the dirty floor, i also saw my vas was broke, louis and niall both pointed to harry "HARRY EDWARD STYLES" i shouted.

I was now chasing harry,"harold stop NOW!!" I screamed but he kept running, "it wasn't me i swear" he screamed. He then entered his room, i knocked hard with both my fists on the door "harold edward styles, i'm not gonna say it twice, open this door or else..." Before i could finish the door fly open revealing a smiling harry "or else what?" He asked with a voice full of pleasure. I raised one eyebrow at him "harry, i'm serious, this is not even my real house, and i don't know when the owner will be here to check on her house, so YOU gonna clean that mess first" i said crossing my arms to my chest. "You didn't even hear my side of the story" he complained like five year old boy"fine, go ahead mister styles" i said nodding my head for him to speak "look, i wasn't the one who started the fight, louis and niall were fighting about who's gonna eat the last pancake, and i'm sick of their fighting over food, SO i ate it, THEN they started chasing me, i had to hide in the kitchen's garden, but a beautiful cat was playing with my leg, and i LOVE cats, so i made a stupid sound, that's where they found me and the food fight started, so basically it wasn't me" he finished and i didn't know how to react, those boys were a mess and i don't know what to do about it "fine then, follow me" i said sounding like a mom who's gonna punish her children, he just nodded and followed me down stairs. Louis and niall were still on the same position when i left them "i see harry didn't get killed yet" louis said. Niall hit his arm to warn him to shut up. "Harry told me about your fight and then the food fight so..." "You didn't" louis cut me off "yes i did, i'm not gonna get the blame on this alone" harry said defending him self "stop it already" i said, they just raised their hands in defence. "You too will clean this mess up.." I said pointing to both niall and louis who were looking at each other at the same time "but..." They said "no but" i cut them. Harry had his evil smirk on his face looking at them playfully. "Don't get too happy mister" i said looking at his direction, his eyes wined and louis and niall start laughing at him, i looked at them giving both if them death glares, they just knelt their heads down and went on separated ways to clean the mess."as i was saying.." I looked at harry once again. "YOU are gonna clean the dishes after dinner" i said. "What..." I raised my eyebrow at him giving him the 'what you don't like it' look. He just swallowed hard and nodded his head walking away from me. I think to his room? Yup. Liam then came to the kitchen "what was their punishment zoe?" The daddy direction asked smiling, i'm glad someone with a brain is also here. Okay i mate be a little bit crazy, but those boys are way crazier then me "louis and niall are cleaning the mess and harry is doing the dishes" i said. He just laughed and sat on the couch. "Wanna watch something?" He asked, before i could answer louis shouted from the kitchen "yeah, you can watch movies and we're hear cleaning" "you did it your self mister" i shouted back. I laughed a little "sure, what's on your mind?" I asked liam sitting next to him."umm, how about toy story?" He asked and then louis and niall's hard laughs came from the kitchen "typical liam" niall said. You can hear a high five from there, i turned to liam and his face was like a tomato, aww someone is embarrassed, but i love disney movies so much too. "I love toy story" i squealed. He turned to look at me with a small smile appearing on his lips. "You do? Wow that's the first time i ever watch toy story with. A girl" he said blushing, can he get any more cuter? Wait what? Did i just said that? Yes you did... A voice in my head said. Oh no... "Aww, love birds are having the time of their lives like no one is even here, if you want some privacy moment we can leave if you want?" Louis said, AGAIN. "Louis, could you shut up and do your work?" I said "sorry mommy" he said with a girly voice, niall laugh with his one of a kind laugh. And then another high five in the air. We were watching the movie and i can feel liam glance at me for a while. This is awkward, but i kinda like it? What am i even saying? I didn't realise that the movie was over. "Well that was fun..." I said getting up. "Yeah.." Liam said. "What time is it?" I asked "umm, let me see..." He reached for his pocket "liam?" I said trying to hold the laugh "yeah?" He said looking up at me "you have a watch on your wrist" i said pointing at it. His face went red "oh... Umm, it's 8:30" i nodded "where's everyone?" I asked looking at the room. "Probably playing fifa" he said. I went up stairs and knocked on the room with all the games in it. I have to admit that my parents gave me the best place ever, well technically it's not mine, but i live in it. "Oohhhh..." I heard niall from inside, they probably didn't hear me. "You're going down man..." Zayn shouted "no i'm not because i'm swagg masta from doncasta" louis shouted i laughed "oh yeah? Well i'm bradford bad boy" zayn shouted back. I then opened the door "oh hey princess, did you enjoy your movie with you prince charming liam payne?" Louis asked teasing me. "Actually, i did and it was PERFECT" i said with an american accent. They laughed "aren't you guys hungry?" I asked them "YES" they all said with their eyes never leaving the big screen TV. "Well what do you want for dinner pretty boys?" I asked "anything will be good" zayn said "the whole fridge will be fine for me" niall said, man that boy loves food so much, but not as much as i do. We laughed "how about macaroon and cheese?" I asked "ok" "fine" "cool" they said. I closed the door, "haha, told you you were going down" zayn said. I laughed and went down stairs. Liam was sitting in the kitchen with his phone in his hands "watcha doing?" i asked once i entered the kitchen. "Just twitter" he said still looking at his phone. "Why don't you join the boys while i make dinner?" I said. "Ok" he said and got up. I took all the ingredients on the bar and started cooking. Harry then came inside "where were you all day?" I asked him "i was playing with the cats outside" he said still holding molly. "I love this one, it's the cutest one here and the nicest one" he said playing with her tail "yeah, she's my favourite too, her name is molly" i said, he look up. "I have a cat named molly too" he said. "Really? Then why don't you too get married?" Louis said from behind "louis, you really should stop doing that, you scared the heck out of me" i said placing my hand on my heart. Harry laughed "and what do you do here anyway ?" I asked him, cause just a minute he was up stairs playing. "I got thirsty, i just want a glass of water" he said walking to the fridge, he got a bottle of water and ran up stairs "wait for me boys, super man is coming" he screamed from the stairs. We laughed at his childish actions. "So, what are you cooking?" Harry asked looking at me "macaroon and cheese" i said. "Can i help?" He asked "no thanks, but you will when you're doing the dishes after remember?" I asked him smiling. "Oh..." He said looking down at the cat in his arms. Meow, meow. I heard "ohh, someone is hungry" i said looking for the cat food, i called all the cats and put the food in their plates. They came running, they were all very hungry. The started eating right away.

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