It's Gotta Be You


1. Chapter 1

Brooklyn's POV

I was walking home from school with my best friend Jocelyn by my side. " Dude, when we get to your house we should check out the One Direction website." " Why?" " Because I heard they're having a contest." " Ok, fine." after that we continued walking listening to One Direction on my IPOD. When we finally got to my house we went upstairs to my room and Jocelyn went straight to my computer. She went on the One Direction website and sure enough there was a contest up. " It says whoever can draw the best picture of them gets to go on tour with them for the rest of the tour! Dude you can draw like really good come on! Also it says you can be a friend." Jocelyn whined. I sighed. " Fine get me a piece of paper I'll draw." She nodded and went to go get the stuff. She put the pencil and paper in front of me and I chose the most complicated picture there was of them to draw. I started off with Liam, then I went to Zayn, then to Harry, then to Louis, and then to Niall.


" And finished!" I announced. " Oh my god its perfect! Come on lets take a picture of it and email it to them!" she shouted. I'm not going to lie it was pretty good. She grabbed my camera and took a picture. " Oh my god! We got to hurry it says the contest ends at midnight!" she shouted. We finally got it sent at 12:00. Hopefully it would be ok.

Louis POV

" And done!" I shouted as the clock struck midnight. " Wait mate! There's one more!" shouted Niall. " I guess one more wouldn't hurt." I said. We brought it up and it was the best one we've seen. " Wow, I say we pick this girl. Not only is she a good drawer but she's fit!" shouted Niall. We all laughed and nodded at the same time. " Email her back and tell her she won." I told them. Niall nodded and started typing back.

Brooklyn's POV

Me and Jocelyn just sat in front of the computer just waiting. We heard a beep and it was the sound on my computer saying I had a new email. Jocelyn opened it up while I closed my eyes not wanting to see. " Brooklyn, we WON!" Jocelyn shouted. I saw the computer and when we saw it and it said 'You Won' on it. Me and Jocelyn started jumping and screaming. Jocelyn pretty much lived here since she has all of her clothes here. We stopped and then started packing because our flight left at 8:00 in the morning.


Once we were finished packing our suitcases I looked at the time. " It's 7:00!" I shouted. We immediately rushed into my car and drove off to the airport. I printed out the tickets on the email so we can go through security and go to our gate. We got through security about 10 minutes after we arrived at the airport. Right when we got to our gate first class was boarding. We got in line and went onto the plane. " Isn't this like a 8 through 10 hour flight?" Jocelyn asked. " Yeah I think so." I told her. After the boring introductions about safety and stuff we were finally moving. Then the plane took off. We chatted for like an hour or 2 straight about meeting One Direction and stuff like that. " Attention ladies and gentleman you may now turn on electronic devices. " said the flight attendant. I immediately got on my computer and checked my email. " It said the limo will be outside of the airport." Jocelyn just nodded and put her headphones back in. I pulled out my IPOD and put on One Direction for the next 3 hours of the ride. Eventually, I fell asleep listening to Taken.


" Brooklyn, Brooklyn were here!" Jocelyn shouted in my ear. " I'm up I'm up!" I shouted. When I looked around we were the last ones on the plane. We got our luggage and exited the airplane. When we got to the airport I saw a man holding a sign with our names on them. We walked up to him. " Brooklyn and Jocelyn?" we nodded our heads. " Please follow me." we nodded and followed him out. He put our luggage in the trunk and we sat right behind him in our part of the limo. I felt a tap on my shoulder so I turned around and saw none other than One Direction behind me with goofy grins on their faces. I nudged Jocelyn with my elbow in her ribs, " Ow!" she screamed. " Look behind you." I whispered. She looked behind her and screamed bloody murder. " Jocelyn! Shut the HELL up!" I yelled at her and smacked her across my face. " Ow!" she yelled again. " Well maybe you should learn to shut up before that happens." I scolded her. Then she slapped me across the face way harder than I did to her. " You bitch!" I yelled at her. But I let it slide. She pulled out her phone. " What are you doing?" I asked. " Posting on twitter that were with One Direction." she said. " No!" they all shouted. She ignored them so I grabbed her phone and threw it out of the window. " You bitch!" she shouted at me and punched me squared in the nose. " That's it stop the car!" I yelled at the driver. He did as he was told and stopped the car. I got out and asked for my luggage. He gave me my luggage. " Brooklyn wait!" Jocelyn shouted. " No! Don't talk to me!" I shouted at her and ran away before she could say anything else. What a way to start this tour off.



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