Keep It A Secret

Taylor is a pretty big youtuber. She lives with Andrea Russett and Jenn McAllister. She's nearly to one million subscribers when she first collabs with Connor. Out of nowhere, she finds herself attracted to him. Will it end well?

(This story is also on Wattpad, my name is y0utuberaddiction)


1. Collab With Connor?

I covered the lense with my hands to end the video, then got started on clearing everything away. I'd just filmed a PO box opening video and there were piles of packaging strewn across my room. On my head was a cute beanie someone had given me, and I also had a fan made t-shirt on. Everything was amazing and I loved my subscribers and viewers. It meant a lot to me. Carefully arranging all the gifts in my room, I tweeted out to everyone:

Thanks for everything you guys sent to me, it means a lot and I love you so much

After reading a number of replies, I checked my youtube channel. 995,690 subscribers. It was so close to a million, I was so excited. As a result, I decided to stay up all night and record my reaction. Outside, the sun was setting. I was pretty hungry, so I fixed myself some food and sat down in the kitchen to eat it. There was a large window that I watched the sunset through, it was beautiful.

My housemates, Jenn and Andrea, were currently out. I wasn't sure where, but I assumed they were out filming. Once I finished my food, I stood up to put the place in the sink. A large shout startled me, and I dropped the glass plate on the floor with a scream.

Familiar laughter filled the room, and I spun around to see Andrea and Jenn laughing.

"You idiots!" I shouted, but couldn't help bursting out into laughter as well. Jenn was holding a camera, she'd obviously vlogged the whole thing. I grinned and crouched to the floor, picking up the shards of glass.

"Where have you two been, anyway?" I asked, a pile of glass forming in my hand.

"I was around at the o2l house, filming with JC." Jenn replied, bending down to help.

"I was with Tyler." Andrea added, putting her stuff away

"Cool." I replied, following by a loud 'ow' as a sharp edge cut into my finger.

"You okay?" They asked as I stood up. I nodded and went to the sink to wash away the blood. It didn't really hurt, it just bled a lot.

"I've never met o2l." I said thoughtfully.

"Ever?" Jenn asked, as Andrea went upstairs. I shook my head.

"Wow, you need to collab with one of them." She said, picking up her phone and walking away.

I threw away the broken glass and picked up my laptop. Jenn returned, hanging up on a call.

"I've set you up to film with Connor Franta tomorrow." She announced.

"Really?" I asked, standing up and hugging her.

"Thanks, Jenn." Our2ndLife were my favorite youtubers, and though I was a youtuber myself, it didn't stop me from watching their videos and occasionally fangirling. Just then, my phone buzzed with a text from a new number.

Hey, its Connor :) Jenn told me that you're coming over tomorrow for a collab, I was wondering do you have any video ideas?

I'd spoke to the boys briefly before, a few minutes at VidCon, sometimes over Skype. Often when we were out, but I didn't really know them at all. This was exciting for me, and I tried hard to come up with a good idea.

Hey Connor, I'd love to collab with you! I'm not really sure, but I'll keep thinking! Maybe we could do a q&a as a filler, then like a tag or a challenge as a main video?

My phone buzzed a few minutes later.

That sounds good! See you tomorrow

I smiled and replied, then put down my phone. Jenn and I talked for a bit, then I went upstairs to edit my new fan mail video. Andrea was in her room, listening to music.

"Taylor?" She called.

"Yeah?" I asked, stepping inside with my laptop balanced on my hand.

"I need advice." She admitted, giving a pleading smile.

I laughed and sat down beside her.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Well.. It's about Kian." She said. I tilted my head.

"Kian Lawley - out of our second life?" I asked. She nodded.

"I really like him, but I'm not sure if he likes me." She explained. 

I ended up having a conversation full of confessions and secrets with Andrea for about two hours before it started getting late. I returned to my own room and sat down at my desk to edit my new video.

Halfway through, I started getting sleepy so I got up and walked around my room a couple of times. I also went through a few cans of energy drinks since I hate coffee. The taste makes me feel sick. When I got to the late but early hours of the morning, I decided to get some sleep. The other girls were already asleep. Lucky.

I shut down my editing software and everything before sliding under the covers and setting an alarm I knew I'd regret. Still, I had to be ready to film with Connor. After ages of tossing and turning, I finally fell asleep.

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