Two Different Directions

(Sequel to If That One Moment Didn't Exist) His death brought me tears for months, but he was always there. Our past was quite difficult, but the present is what im looking at these days. I still imagine his love, his face, his smile, and everything about him. I need to move on with my life though, just like he would want me too. I need a new lover, a new future path, and I think I want it with him.


2. Funeral

May 10th, 2014

"We are gathered here for the death of Louis Tomlinson. He will be greatly missed by so many. His band members and his wife have prepared a few lines that they would like to say," The priest, or whatever he is, says.

I sob onto Liam's shoulder as he holds me under his arm. His head is lightly weighted on mine. I can't believe it, he's really gone. My only prince charming. My only thing to a fairytale. I listen at the shuffle from the crowd, and the light sobs. I hear Niall slip out of the front row, Harry following him to hold him from exploding.

"Louis. Was one of my best mates. He knew my secrets, and we had man-" he sobs as Harry holds him.

"Memories. Like the time where we rode around on a hotel cart around backstage. And the time where-" he pauses," we all became united as a band."

He stops again sobbing harder, letting the tears stain his clothing.

"I don't know what to do anymore. What to do without him."

Niall walks fast off of the center of attention, and Zayn catches him and holds him as Harry starts.

"I had no idea this was going to happen. You can never really know," he pauses as he uses his strength to hold his tears back.

That was the weird thing, he was doing the best out of all of us. We knew that Harry was really close with Louis, and that he misses him just as much. He just wants to be strong, and keep it to himself.

"No one could ever come between our friendship, and so I believe this will not either. It's to strong," he pauses," and I love him."

I then see a small tear fall from his eye, as he stares at Louis's body. He walks back over to us, and breaks down. Liam looks at me like its-my-turn. He scoots and gets up to walk to the microphone.

"I have so much I could say about how great Louis was, and how he was perfect. I don't know exactly how to put it in words. The last-" conversation we had was when I told him I would miss him around while he was off with Maddie. He replied that he would miss me more, and that he loved me, us."

"And I replied with our Signal that we made a long time ago, and he smiled and hugged me. I don't think I'll ever forget his smile and his love."

Liam walks away, and Zayn walks up to the front.

"Louis didn't deserve this. He never deserved something so bad before something so good was about to happen. The only thing I can ever think about was when I kissed his girl, I broke the bro-code. I don't think I could ever-" he looks at me," forgive myself."

"The last word I say was goodbye, and I guess it meant for ever."

The sobs from my eyes grow, and Liam rubs my back lightly. Niall sits on the other side, and he squeezes my hand as Zayn slowly walks away.

I slowly stand up, my head spinning around and around quickly. My legs lock into place, and my eyes sting with water. I wipe my eyes, and I hear a tissue being used. I keep my head low, and slowly take my steps towards him. I ignore the microphone, and go straight to his laying body.

"I love you Louis," I whisper as I kiss his lips for the last time.

I then walk to the microphone.

"Many married couples get to say how long they've been together, and they get to celebrate anniversary's. We never did, but I still get to say that I'll be having-" My hands block my face as I cover the tears. I wipe them away.

"His children. We still get to say together that we are having a baby, and we get to celebrate them together. Even if he's far away, he's still here." I point directly towards my heart, and then walk off stage.

Liam reaches for me and helps me back down.

"As we all can see, he will be missed greatly," the priest guy comes back.

"Forever," Niall says.

"Forever," Liam copies.

"Forever," Zayn sobs.

"Forever," Harry repeats,"

"Forever," I finalize. 

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