Will it be love?

Ella White was your ordinary everyday teenage girl living in the Enchanted Forest. That is until her parents died. Ella is left living with Emma, Regina and Henry. Secretly, she feels lost, abandoned. When she hears Peter's flute she secretly runs off to Neverland. She doesn't like it at first but that is until she met Felix. Will it be love at first sight? What will happen when Regina comes looking for her? Read to find out!


1. Enchanted Forest

Ella was your everyday teenager. She had a great life, a great family and best of all she had the best home in the world. It was a Tuesday, and Regina, Emma, Snow and Charming were meeting up at Granny's. Ella was at the end of the table, with Henry. "That was so unfair Ella!" Henry snickerd "How in the world is winning at a staring contest unfair Hen?" Ella responded, using her nickname she had given Henry. They began to laugh together, which made the whole cafe look at them. Which they didn't care, they were just two friends trying to get along. This was the life, Emma thought to herself looking over at her mom, Snow. She had everything anyone could every dream of. A beautiful mother, a handsome father, and even her huge crazy family. When the meeting was over Ella stood up and smiled around at her family before walking out. When she walked out she ran into a dark shadowy figure with a black clock covering his face. "Oh, I-I'm so sorry I didn't mean to run into you!" Ella said trying to get a closer look at his face. Who could he be? She had never saw anybody this dark here before. "Just watch where your going next time kid." The dark figure said pushing her out of the way. "I'm Ella." She tried to introduce herself but it clearly wasn't working. "Felix." The figure said before running into Granny's. Ella decided to stay on the ground as she held the back of her head that was now bleeding. Regina ran out and kneeled down beside her. "Ella! What happened?" Regina asked helping Ella up. "It's nothing really. There was just this guy named Felix who pushed me into the wall.". Regina thought for a moment and then the rest of the family ran out. "She said someone named Felix pushed her into the wall." Regina explained as the rest of the family bit there lip. They must to have known something she didn't. {{Ok guys I know it's not that good so far but it will get better. I promise!}}

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