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Star walked into Ashton’s dark bedroom as Ashton lay lifeless in his bed. Star saw a pool of blood on the floor beside his bed and began to cry. She walked over to the bed slowly then came to a sudden stop and pulled the blankets off and Ashton’s hand dropped and the blood dripped slowly from the cuts that marked his wrists. Star  walked back one step and screamed so loud she could wake the dead and fell to the ground as if her knees buckled beneath her. She curled up in to a ball then got up and ran down to the phone and called 999.

 “Hi this is the Emergency Services how may we help you,” the lady said nicely.

“My boyfriend tried to kill himself please help please,” She cried down the phone.

“Ok where do you live and what’s your name?”

“I live at number 56 black lane and my name is Star”

 “Ok Nicole they are on their way” Nicole hangs up and runs as fast as she can up the stairs.



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