adopted by 5sos

hi my names meghan grace (no last name) i am 11 years old. i have lived in a orphanage since i was 3 because my mum and dad died in a car crash also so did my 6 year old brother jack did


1. me and ryder in orphanage

Meghans P.O.V

My names Meghan grace,i have no last name i am a orphan since my mum dad and big brother jack who was 6 at the time died in a car crash.

Me and my and my best friend ryder live at mrs gracesons orphanage in london.  We were sat in my bedroom on ryders phone taking selfies. when mrs graceson came bursting through the door.

" meghan ryder some people are here to adopt you" she shouts in excitement. me and ryder go to get changed this is my outfit

me and ryder run down stairs together and find 4 men stood there with smiles on there face

"hi my names luke this is michael calum and ashton whats your name loves"

"hi my names meghan2 i say shyly

"hi my names ryder johnson" ryder yells jumping up and down

"ok children these peoples are going to adopt you mr hemmings is your legal gardiun " mrs graceson says

"mr hemmimg"

luke shyly puts his hands up and goes to sign the papers. me and ryder go to pack are bags.


45 mins later

me and ryder were in the car pulling up to are new house.

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