Please go away

In high school getting bullied and self harm and well you have to find out the rest ��


1. new kid

First day of school) Hi my name is Hannah and I-I'm shy and I ...(gets cut off by girl siting in the front seat of the class room ).

Abbey - Oh look at the new girl .

She's so shy well I'm the popular one in this school .

So get ready your life a living hell .

I start to tear up and take my seat next to this quiet girl who seem nice .

Hi I'm

Lexi I'm kinda shy to .

don't let that little witch get to you .

I laughed at her remarked . The teacher yelled a lot so she was kinda scary too .

The class was over as we walked out the class room .

I dropped my papers . People was stepping on my homework . I already hated school I wanted to go home...

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