Life on the Farm

It's been two years since Jade Lancaster has seen her high school best friend, Niall Horan. He left for The X-Factor without a goodbye. It's two years later when Jade is 18 and still working on her family's farm. For her birthday, Jade's parents get her front row seats and back stage passes to a One Direction concert at her towns local arena. Will Jade go to the concert or will she stay at her family's farm and work? If she does go, will Niall remember her or has fame taken over and made him forget all about his past?


1. Introduction

Jade's POV

Hi, I'm Jade. I'm eighteen and live on a farm with my parents. I have two horses that are mine. One is named Blondie, he's a palomino quarter horse and the other one is a black thoroughbred named Spartan. Blondie is my trail riding horse and Spartan is my eventing horse. I live in Mullingar, Ireland and have since I was born. I don't have any friends really. The only one I had moved away a few years ago. He left for the X-Factor and never came back. His name is Niall Horan, the charming boy who I fell in love with the first time our eyes met.

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