Staring at the stars

When Kaitlyn went to book club for the 3rd year she met a new boy just before book club named Miles. Like any love story, theirs will remain to them until you read the story of course.

I will publish 1-3 chapters every month until this love story is finished...


1. Author's note


I believe that there's a reason for everything that happens here in this world. That life is a roller-coaster. That we all need to work together to save the universe but as we help save it we also destroy it. We all want to be remembered, loved and leave a mark in this world but we may not know that we already changed a persons life but at some point the end of us will come and everyone knows it, some people just ignore the fact that oblivion is coming and it may be years, decades and even centuries till it come.

Someday the future of our generation will feel the suffering of the things that we have cost the world and maybe even the universe but as I will say again oblivion will come.

-Kaitlyn Avery, The oblivion of life

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