A little bit more than vacation!!!! ( Magcon fanfiction )

Ashlyn and Brooklyn are cousins but are as close as sisters and they are going on vacation to North Carolina!

Will they find love with some of the magcon boys?
Or will there friendship be ruined by this?


4. The party disaster 🎭

~Brooklyn's POV ~

When we got to the hotel we both took showers then I went to my closet to pick out something to wear

I picked out these jean shorts that had a crochet design on them and a white flouncy crop top with my mint green bandeau twist swim top with the bottoms

Then a white flower crown

And my white sandels

Then went to get a shower because ash was out

When I got out ash was done exept for her hair

(She was wearing a light blue crop top with white all crochet bottoms and silver sandals with a colorful strapless bikini)

I dried my hair and wore it down with the flower crown and then put on my outfit and me and ash were done at the same time

"Hey Brooke I have to go put mascara on then I'm done"

"Make sure it is water proof"


I decided that since it was a party that I should put on mascara even though I barely wear makeup so I went to the bathroom to join her

"Hey ash can I borrow your mascara"

"Ooooo brook is wearing makeup"

"It's just one thing"

After we put every thing up ash grabed her purse and the room key and I drove her there

Once we where there I put my keys in her bag and we went to the door

Ashlyn POV

Some random dude answered the door and thought we where random fans and said just because y'all are pretty doesn't mean y'all can come here, then he shut the door in our face. Brooklyn said she would just call carter because she already had his number in her phone

~ hey Brooklyn y'all almost here

Actually we are but this jerk answered the door and though we where fans

Oh sorry I'll come open it for yall~

Then he came and got me and Brook and omg u could feel the floor vibrating because the music was soooo loud.

Me and brook were actually stumbling around the house a bit because it was so loud but we finally made it to the back door to find a huge pool with tons of guys swimming

Brook there's a lot of cute guys here I *whispered* to her

She just elbowed me in the ribs

That's when the boy noticed us they jumped out the pool and made there way to us

Hey all the boys said in union

Hey we said shyly

Umm.. Wanna swim said Matthew

We just shook our had n said be right there

Me and brook went by a lounge chair and took off the clothes we had on over our swimsuits we put all our stuff on the chair. When we turned around there were like 18 sets of eyes on use that made me blush a little . We went to go sit my bag inside and when we came back all the boys came and pushed us in the pool! Then we decided to just sit with our feet in the water.

Brook : do y'all wanna play greasy watermelon

Nash : Umm... How do you play that

Ash: you get a watermelon and put some Chapstick or like jelly like stuff and put it on the watermelon and throw it in the middle of the pool and we divide in teams of to and each team has to try to get the watermelon but it will be hard because its slippery

Carter: yaa that sounds good. Hey Nash why don't you go get the watermelon and do either y'all have Chapstick

Brook and I said said yes and went inside to help Nash

So Nash, Matthew, me, Shawn Mendes, and all these random dudes where on a team and

Brook, carter, taylor, Cameron, and hayes were on a team with other random dudes

Nash threw the water Mellon in the water and all the boys where fighting to get to the water Mellon so I could see brook swimming under them to get to it so We both swam under and we where fighting to get it when carter Cameron and Taylor see us and help brook so there team won

Boys POV

The girls decided to go change back into there regular clothes so we started talking

Nash : I can't keep my eyes off ashlyn

Matthew : why don't you ask her out already?

Nash : I cant do that I barely know her she could have a boyfriend

Matthew : Try spending time with her tonight to get to no her

Nash: thanks

After that we decided we should go Inside too because honestly it was boring without them

We went in and they had just came out so we decided to ask them if the wanted to dance and they said yes

~Ashlyn's POV~

I was dancing alone when I felt someone cover my mouth and drag me to a back room! I turned around to see my EX!!!! He took he hand off my mouth and pulled out a knife and tried to cut me so I kicked him in his knee and screamed

~Brooklyn's POV~

Hey guys did y'all hear that it sounded like a scream?

Nope they responded

Although they said no something wasn't right I could feel it so I looked around for Ashlyn but couldn't find her so I screamed for Nash and told him I couldn't find her so we started searching everywhere

We finally found her in a back room and her EX WAS DUCKTAPING HER MOUTH AND WAS ABOUT TO DRAG HER OUT A WINDOW!!

Me and Nash ran over there and Nash started punching him in the face and he ran out the window while I was helping ash

Brook-Are you ok???

Ash-idk she said half crying

Nash- what happened he said half yelling

Ash- I was dancing alone when he took me and draged me back here and tried to cut me but I kicked him so he said ok you want to do this the hard way and started

Duck taping my mouth

Can we go back to the hotel brook?

Brook- yes sure let me get your bag so I can drive

Ugh I'm so stupid y didn't I keep my eye on her!! He could have killed her!

I was so mad at myself I started crying while I was looking for her bag I couldn't even find it

Carter, Cameron, Mathew, and Taylor come up behind me so I cover my face and hope they won't see me

Taylor- you and Ashlyn are the only girls left here you can't hide from us

Brook- please, just please leave me alone

Taylor, carter and Cameron all said if that's what you want and turned around and sat on the couch but I could see Matthew behind me

Matthew- what is wrong please tell me

Brook- I'm an idiot

Matthew- no your not what happened

I told him every thing then he offered to help find the bag but we couldn't find it so We went to go tell ash

Brook- um ash I can't find our bag

Ash- ugghhh can this day get worse

Nash- um if y'all want y'all can stay here since you can't really leave, the boys are staying

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