One Chance

A chance is what everyone needs, correct? When you break up with your love you want another chance. When you make a bad decision you want another chance. When you let someone down, you really want another chance. What if my chance was to live. I know its strange, but can you believe it. (Based on things I have watched, including Fault in Our Stars; read to find out more)


1. Chapter 1

Keira's POV

 I had just gotten out of my doctors oppointment finding out that I needed more pills. Like I need it. Years ago I found out that I had osteoarthritis, which many people freak and ask if its exactly like what Augustus Waters had. I like to think Im like Augustus Waters, but yet I don't want to end the same way he did.

"Keira, were home," My mom said shaking my shoulder. I nodded getting out. I took a deep breath and looked around. I barely survived this one. I could have died and never seen this place again. But certain measures were taken.

"Mom, what is life?" I asked as she unlocked the front door. All she did was laugh. "What?"

"You need to stop asking such insane questions," My mom said tossing her purse on the counter. I rolled my eyes. Mom has been acting different since they cut off my leg, or at least from the knee down on my left leg.

"Its not insane, just trying to make conversation," I said sitting on the couch. Mom sighed. "What is it now?"

"I just... nothing," Mom said disappearing into her room. I rolled my eyes getting up.

"Im going out, I won't be out long," I said walking out the door. I texted my friend Damon. The only person who treats me the same.

"Well, aren't we chipper," Damon asked laughing as I hugged him.

"Nope, just trying to stay possitive," I said looking around.

"So guess who sent me a post card," Damon said tossing around the ball he brought. I shrugged. "Harry." I just looked at him strange.

"He hadn't talked to us since he left," I said taking the little ball from his hands.

"I know, and he doesn't even know about...." Damon said trailing off. I knew what he meant. He doesn't know about my leg and the cancer. I rolled my eyes.

"Doens't make a difference," I said tossing the ball up. "What did he want?"

"He wanted to see us, well us to come to him," Damon said rephrasing what he said. "He is having a cookout at his new house, and I guess we are invited."

"When?" I asked sitting on the park bench.

"Tomorrow," Damon said sitting next to me. "Want to go?"

"I guess, I mean if you want," I said looking at the ball.

"Why not, I mean what could possibly happen?" Damon said shrugging. I nodded.

"Im gonna head home, thanks for hanging with me," I said hugging him.

"See ya Big K," Damon said waving goodbye.


"I don't know hunny," My mom said as I told her my plans for tomorrow. "Does he even remember you?"

"Mom! We were practically brother and sister, but I mean I wouldn't know," I said messing with my food. Mom sighed.

"I guess, but any signs of trouble and you leave," Mom warned. I nodded.

"I got this, Im trying to be normal mom, trust me," I said scrapping off the left over off my plate into the trash.

"Normal," Mom sighed.

"Yeah, But I don't make any promises," I said kissing her on the cheek. As i walked to my room I saw the mail on the kitchen counter. I went through it and found a post card. Addressed to me.

Long time no see! Come over to my house to celebrate the new home. See you then Big K.

I tossed it back on the table and went to bed.



Note: Hey Im backish, thought I would give you all something new, that and i haven't been feeling my other stories lately. I will try to type another chapter, but tell me what you think in the comments! Much Love ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl

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