Me and my best friend (Aye_its_danielle) are writing two different stories mine being carter and hers taylor it is magcon fanfiction hope you like it :)


9. chapter 9

After almost an hour of sleeping, I wake up. I felt cold, I couldnt stop shivering or crying. Carter woke up instantly trying to calm me down. Over the years I thought I had gotten over this. Apparently not... Carter was rocking me and murmmering sweet nothings into my ear. My shaking went down a little and so did my sobs but the tears kept coming.

"Do you need Danielle?" Carter asked, I shook my head. I had told her I didn't have them anymore. I didn't want her finding out that I still had them...

"Just hold me please." My voice was hoarse and sad, I debated over telling him or not, "Carter?"

"What princess?" My heart swelled at the nickname,

"Do you want to know?"

"About what?"

"Why I am like this."

"If you are ready to tell me than hell yes."

"It might scare you away..." He grabbed my chin imbetween his index finger and thumb, turning my head towards him,

"Jacquie I know that we have only been together for a few days, but we have been talking for almost a year. You are special to me, I fall harder for you every day and I am scared that you will find someone better than me and end up going with him. You could tell me anything and I would fight for you. You are that special to me and I am pretty positive that I am in love with you. I know for a fact that I love YOU."

"Carter, you dont know how happy that makes me. I fell for you when you bought me three cups of coffee, I fell for you when you sent me a video of your baby photos. I fell for you anytime we talked. And each time I fell harder and harder. I love you." It felt good to say the words, I know that some would think that it is moving too fast but you cant deny your feelings and it is just better to say what you feel when you feel it.

"See. We both love each other so tell me anything and I will stay."

"It's about my mom." I whispered, Carter froze. He knew how sensitive this subject was. I only ever told him that she was gone. He didnt know what gone meant but he knew she was gone and I was left broken, "It was me and always Dad was away with business and Brett was on campus. Dad had upped the security behind moms back because from what he told me a gang was after one of Dads clients, so we could be targeted. He told me not to worry too much since it probably wouldnt happen. He was wrong. They broke into our house, killed the security gaurds and tied me and mom to the bed." My voice cracked but I kept talking, "Mom tried to negotiate. She said that she would willingly be their sex toy if they just let me go. They laughed in her face. They raped us, Mom three times and me only once. They took my virginity, they only had time to shoot my mom. They shot her in the head, her blood and part of her brain was covering me. Brett found me, they left a cut deep enough right below my bikini line to leave a scar. Its a jagged line." By the time I finished I was done crying, shaking and feeling cold. All I felt was empty.

"What happened to the gang?"

"Dad, hunted them down. They were prosecuted. Well all except one. He is in jail until death. He was the one who shot mom. Dad wanted him to see the inside of moms head and have it haunt him. I think it is working. Dad gets updates on his behaviour, if Dad isnt happy they either show him the picture  or Dad can decide if they kill him."

"Thats some intense shit."


"What was your nightmare about?"

"It wasnt a nightmare. It was a memory." He hugged me tighter and kept rocking me, I slowly fell back asleep surprisingly feeling a little better.


"Psst Jacquie time to go sunshine!" Someone jumped on me. I cracked my eyes, of course Danielle.


"Go?" I questioned, confused. My brain wasnt functioning. I wasnt fully awake.


"You go home today loser!" WHAT WAS THIS CRAZY BITCH ON!?


"No I go home mond- oh my god it's Monday! I don't want to leave!" I shot up, she wasnt on anything....


"I'll give you time with your boyfriend then we got to go!" Danielle left the room,

"Why do you have to go?" Carter pouted, he was just too cute.

"Because....I have school...we arent done for another two weeks."

"Skip it. You do nothing to last two weeks."

"Carter I cant. I actually want to get into a good college. Dads expecting Ivy League."

"Holy shit, that has to be hard." I shrug,

"Eh. Schools pretty easy. I'll graduate before everyone else,"

"Im dating a genius." Carter smiled and dragged me to him. We kissed (yes tongue and all you nosey people) until I remembered that I had to leave.

"I'll call you when I am home." I gave him one last peck and ran out into the hallway. We went back to her house, I needed to pack my things and make sure I didnt leave anything.


"I can't believe it's already time to go back home." I pouted while zipping my suit case. I didnt want to go home. I wanted Carter, Danielle and the boys.


"I know right...atleast you come back this summer!" Danielle tried looking on the positive side. That just annoyed me,


"Yea in two weeks." I grumbled, upset. I didnt want to wait two damn weeks. "Well I'm ready. Come on gush!" I tried  sounding happy not wanting to leave on a bad note. We said our goodbyes, Brett had come up to pick me up and check out her house, Lorna kept hugging me.

"I dont want you to go sweetie. You make the house less empty."

"It's only because I am loud." We laughed and hugged on more time. Danielle pulled me into a bear hug, I squeezed back. I got in the car and watched as her house got smaller.

"How was it?"

"Fun, I needed that. I cant wait to go back for the summer." Gush barked in agreement. we laughed,

"So you got a boyfriend." It sounded more like a statement.

"Yeah. How'd you know?"

"Your dating a vine famous person. Do you know how many calls I got asking about it!? Like the whole freaking town and our family!" I laughed,

"sorry, I should've warned you..."

"I think he needs to come to stay for a week or so... I need to talk with him and so does Dad." I groaned, "Oh yeah I told him. Though he kind of found out from work..."

"Then I need sleep if I am going to be dealing with him when we get home." Brett nodded knowing how protective Dad could get of me. He turned up the radio while I climbed into the back to sleep with my puppy. Just as I was nodding off I heard the radio announcer,

"You know my daughter was crying last night...alll because Carter Reynolds girlfriend liked her photo and commented how cute my daughter looked...who is she?" they took callers but I was too tired to pay attention. I quickly fell into a peaceful black abyss.

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