Me and my best friend (Aye_its_danielle) are writing two different stories mine being carter and hers taylor it is magcon fanfiction hope you like it :)


7. Chapter 7

"JACQUIE CARTER COME QUICK! SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH DANIELLE!" I didnt think, and I really should have. I shot through the door and landed straight on my ass. I shouldve known that leaving Danielle for Carter and not telling her wouldve gotten me into trouble.

Danielle and Taylor were on the floor laughing, his phone was in his hand....grrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaaattt just what I needed me falling on my ass to be all over vine. Why am I so damned ungraceful?

"Danielle I'm going to kill you!!" I yelled trying to get up but I fell right back down. I gave up on walking and just started crawling towards her but sadly she stood up slowly and ran out Taylor's house into his backyard. I raced after her with Taylor and Carter on my heels.

"Jacquie that's what you get for not telling me you were sneaking off to sleep with your boyfriend!" I laughed a little and then decided she was right. I stopped running and turned to go back inside.

"You know you could have just woken me up!" I fight back,

"Yea but that's to easy!"

"Alright! I'm done it's to early for this you got me! I'm going to lay down on the couch now." I walked back inside Carter with Carter right behind me. I turned into his chest, my stomach growled.

"You know....I am actually hungry."

"Okay then we should go get food." Carter answered me like I was dumb, we walked out side to see Taylor sticking his tongue down Danielles throat.

"Well uh we were going to go get breakfast, but I lost my appetite." Carter fake gagged.

"Alright let's go get food!" Danielle cheered completely unaffected about us catchin them swamping saliva.

We all piled into Taylor's car and drove to Taco Bell to get some breakfast food. We all got food and went back to Taylor's house, we woke up the rest of the boys and gave them some food.

"So what's your guys plan for today?" Danielle asked taking a bite of her breakfast burrito.

"We have a meet 'n' greet at 12." Taylor answered,

"Oh I hope you guys don't mind but I invited Jacquie." Carter smiled at me,

"No that's cool! New person to pick on!" Cam and Nash exchanged looks, I couldnt help myself and I mocked them. Childish I know.

"Well uh Danielle you might as well come to! It will be fun!" Taylor offered,

"Oh I don't know. I don't want your fans to get like the wrong idea." She shook her head no.

"Oh they wouldn't! We all know you guys are going to end up together!" Matt insisted.

"Oh shut up! I'll go god." Danielle snapped, we all laughed.

"Well if were going we should go and get ready!" I clapped my hands together, lewaned over and gave Carter a kiss, and Danielle gave Taylor a quick peck on the cheek which was completely adorable in my opinion but from the boys looks of disgust and amusement they didnt.


"I think I'm going to wear a black skater skirt and a black striped crop top." I was studying my clothes, I didnt want to get the outfit wrong. This was important. I needed to look good for the fans!

Danielle didnt respond probably because she was focused on what she was doing. She just put on another pair of frayed shorts, a blue bandoo and a black cut off shirt to where you could see the bandoo. I decided to go with what I said. Like always had on my trusty high top converse with white laces this time. I straightened my hair and put on some eyeliner. Danielle had her hair down and a black banadana, awe representing Taylor!


The boys picked us up around 10:45, I went to the back with Carter, giving him a hello kiss and and hug. Danielle got in the front with Taylor.

"I like your skirt." Carter trailed his fingers across my thigh right under my hem line. This boy was driving me crazy! I looked up and saw Taylors hand on Danielles thigh, again awe! I started playing with carters fingers but looked out the window when I heard screaming. We weren't even at the venue and the line already started of screaming girls.

"Wow this is crazy." Danielle voiced my thoughts.

"It's weird to think that, that used to be us." I laughed, Danielle turned around an mouthed 'I know'

"Wait for like us?" Carter questioned.

"No but for like other people." I gently tried to explain, i didnt want to hurt his feelings.

"Yea how come you never came to one of our meet ups?" Taylor shot Danielle a look,

"Well you see, I was in to you guys but not that Into you guys." Danielle put nicely. Obviously she was feeling the same way as me.

"Yea plus out of all the girls you meet it's not like you would have remembered us."

"Ya-" Carter started to fight back, I gave him a look with my eyebrows raised. "Okay your right probably not."

Taylor just laughed, "what's so funny?" Danielle sounded confused.

"Like how did you guys even meet?" Taylor looked in his mirror back at us.

"Yea! How did you guys meet?" Danielle repeated Taylor's question.

"Should you tell them or should I?" I asked looking into his eyes.

"You can.tell them." I nodded,

"Okay so you know my love for starbucks right?" Danielle nodded and Taylor even did, wow. "Well I was walking out and Gusher was prancing around outside because someone inside was allergic to dogs. Anyways so he ran over to me and i kind of tripped because his leash was around my feet. Carter happened to be standing right infront of me and got my iced carmel macchiato all over his shirt. I started crying."

"Of course you would." Danielle scoffed.

"Well Carter felt bad for being in the way and bought me another one. We talked and he got me a second and a third and then he had to leave so we traded numbers and bam became a thing!" I clapped me hands together for emphasis,

"A little too dramatic there." Danielle scolded,

"we better go in. The fans are probably going crazy." Carter announced,

"Yeah okay um..." I was nervous, my fingers twirled the hem of my skirt. Carters hand's held mine.

"They will love you. You couldn't do anything to make them hate you." He kissed my cheek and pulled me out of the car. Girls screamed and cried. I was not used to this. Danielle quickly grabbed my hand for comfort too and we walked in all attached.

This was going to be crazy!

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