Why Can't I Stay Dead

Cory Davis's life takes a sharp turn when she gets pulled into a whirlwind that she can't stop. Late one night when she is walking home from a club a mugger pops out of the shadows. After some misunderstanding and some gunshots Cory is dead.
Cory wakes up in a completely different body with a completely different life. Every time that she dies she wakes up in a different body.
next thing that Cory knows is that there are people chasing her, people who want her dead. Dead for good.


1. prologue- I can't remember

I lay frozen in the hard snow. All I can see any direction is white. My body is stiff and I know that I can't move. My limbs are numb and I can't feel my ears or my nose.   It's hard to keep my eyes open, they keep falling.  I know that if they close the wont open again. I look up at the clear dark sky. The moon shines down on me and the stars twinkle. For once I feel a smile try to form but it hurts. My face is frozen.  My sight begins to fade. "No no no no". I scream inside. I can't think. My brain feels frozen like the rest of me. I can't even tell that my bare shoulders are there. I am hanging onto life by the edge. I feel like I am hanging off the side of a cliff and if I don't find a way to pull myself up I am going to fall. I am going to keep falling forever. I can't have that happen again. What did I do to deserve this.  My tank top is frozen to my skin. So are my shorts. That is all I wear. A tank top and a pair of short shorts. I try to remember why I am even here but my brain fails me. My sight goes out completely and all I can see is dark. My brain is growing foggy, I don't even remember my name. "What was my name?" I can't remember anything. "Who are my parents, do I have any siblings". All of these questions run through my head but I can't answer any of them.  "Who am I". Then I feel myself fall.  I see unrecognizable pictures. Pictures of a life that I once had. I see family and friends. But I don't see me in any of these pictures. It's someone different. Why am I not me. Where am I in these pictures.  Then the pictures start changing. A different family. It is still me but it isn't me.  "Who am I". The question crosses my mind again. My identity is gone, vanished. I can't remember. I can't remember. 

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