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Jayde has a very interesting life. Her parents are separated, her brother Ashton turned against her and her sister Lillian no longer talks to her. When she meets the boy she thought she would be with forever, and her life starts turning up, she turns out to be wrong. She then meets someone who looks exactly like her ex, but as it turns out, his personality the total opposite of her ex's. Are they twins? What has she learned from meeting both? If you were looking for a life-changing story, then you've come to the right book.


1. Jayde

If you ever wanted advice, tips, and information about the topic of life, Jayde Peterson is the person to go to. I've always been interested in humans such as myself, but no matter how hard I study one, they are all unique and hard to understand. Humans are emotional, no matter how many people say that girls are the only ones that feel it. I have a brother and a sister named Asher and Lillian and two parents who recently decided to split up. This arrangement left both my parents tiring every day, trying to obtain enough money to live. My best friend, Heather, who I met at the beginning of the school year, was just the personality I needed to balance out my life. She is ultra funny, and together, we had very fun school days, other than the homework portions they give us Freshmen. The upper-classmen always made fun of us and never let us forget that we were Freshmen. Our school was divided by different colors of uniform; the freshmen being yellow, sophomore green, junior purple, and senior black. The freshmen never conversed with any of the upper-classmen unless they were trying to defend their ranks or merely bold.

Opposing girl culture was one of the easiest things for me to do when I was growing up. Talks of boys this, boys that, or makeup that was heavier than gold was easy to ignore. I never made many friends among the girls, but there were plenty of boys I made friends with. One was named Romero Douglass, or otherwise known as the Romeo of the school. He was purely rare and his eyes was his best feature by far. They were a really deep blue-green. His hair was a shaggy brown, not even going over his eyes yet, but close. From the beginning of the year, him and I were the best of friends. We used to text and chat at school during lunch, but as many boys end up, especially one of his rarity, he found other groups more interesting to talk to. I am not popular, and I never intended to be, but seeing him with them made me a little sad.

Heather and I started hanging out with Ariel, a charming and sweet girl with a passion to read books. Once in class, she would never be able to put her book down when she picks it up. She cries sometimes and mopes when we finally take it away from her.

Heather and I go to the park sometimes and meet up with Ariel. We don't consider ourselves any younger than we are, but I don't think we can ever really grow out of going down the slides and swinging on the swings; even the monkey bars sometimes catch our attention.

"Jayde, please clean your room before you leave!" My mother unkindly yelled so loud, I could hear an echo.

"Okay, one second," I quickly slipped on my black converse and folded some clothes. My mother's definition of a dirty room was way different from mine. She thought that if I didn't make my bed or folded my clothes, I was considered a stingy troll.

"All done." I heard my friend's car beep. "Mom, I'm leaving! Bye!" I closed the door and raced to the car. Heather was already strapped in her seat belt. "Since it's so hot, we can get ice cream after the park."

When we arrived at the park, Ariel's Mom's pink Lamborghini was parked right by the swing-set. Rich kid.

"Hi, Ariel!" We waved. She turned around from where she was talking and waved us over. Heather and I exchanged a look and walked over.

"Guys, meet Hester. He's here with his mom, but he doesn't live in this town. He lives two towns over."

Both of our eyes scanned him over. He was short, his hair covered one of his eyes, and he was wearing all black. I waved and Heather rather rudely ran to the swings without saying anything. "I'm sorry about her." I said, just a minute before his mother called him to leave. He didn't leave right away, I think; because his car was still there five minutes after.

Heather and I laughed at something Ariel showed us on Youtube and slid down the slides, trying to make a race out of it. Good times, good times. We tried singing karaoke on Heather's phone and failed miserably, but hey, at least we tried!

Time flew when I was with them, and troubles dissolved. It grew dark and time for us to go home. We forgot about the ice cream, and the heat of the sun.

"Sooo... Did you have fun?" My mother asked. I nodded, afraid of answering because my mom acts bipolar at times and who knows what she'll do.

That night, I had a dream about my past. I was only eight years old when my life seemed perfect. I had my hair in a bob then, all my mother's idea. No one was allowed to touch me, because I was my daddy's favorite. My brother despised me for that, but he is my mother's favorite. However, when my sister was born, she was my dad's new favorite. Then, another past memory played in my mind, uncontrolled by myself. I saw myself when I was six, a birthday party with a princess theme. It was in my garage, and my aunty Edna gave me a card that she had made herself. Unfortunately, now she was diagnosed with cancer and is in the hospital. I visit her every Tuesday. I don't even remember what the card said, and I usually memorize every word of her cards because I consider them very special and inspiring.

My dream switched to something seeming futuristic. I was in the cafeteria, getting my lunch when Romeo and Gabrielle from one of my classes were holding hands. I guessed they were going out now.

I woke up crying and sweating, But I'm Jayde Peterson, I can handle anything.

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