This Is Us

"Our family... It's the boys, you, and me... This messed up little family, until the end... This is us."


1. Chapter One

-Chapter One-


Riley was the type of girl who kept to herself more often than not. She was quiet and shy, she didn't like acting out of place or bringing attention to herself. Now, that's not to say she was too anxious to do so, she preferred not to. People judged teenagers as it was, she didn't want to give another reason to. She had no desire to sneak out of the house to go to a party, she didn't intend on going out of her way to cause some sort of trouble because she was bored. Her ideal place to be was on her back deck with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.        


Riley turned her head towards to her bedroom doorway, away from the book her nose had been  in for days.       

"Goodness, Riley. I've been calling your name from downstairs for ages now. You're going to be late for school, put the book down." Her mother laughed.      

"Sorry, mom." Riley said, picking her backpack up off the floor as she stood from her bed.      

She slid passed her mother and rushed down the cold wood stairs.Unlike most teenagers, she didn't mind high school. She liked the courses she took and the walk she took on her way to school was stunning, especially in the fall. To her it was all worth it. She'd finish high school, go to university, get the job she's always wanted, and she'd be happy.       

Upon her arrival, the school yard was full of students, pretty clear none of them wanted to be  there. Like everyday, she took a seat on a bench farthest from the rest of the students attending her school, under a large tree, and pulled her book out of her bag.      

Everyday at approximately 8:30A.M., Seth would show up to school and sit beside her. The two didn't say much to each other. Just a simple "hello" and they'd both go back to their books.       

"Good morning, Seth." Riley greeted, not lifting her eyes from the page.      

"Morning." He mumbled in his usual uninterested tone as he took his spot beside her.      

The two sat in a comfortable silence, neither one of the much of a talker. Yet, everyday, the same group of four rambunctious teenage boys would walk by and Seth would get up to go join them. It made Riley quite curious what such a quiet person saw in such loud people.       

She packed up her book as the school bell rang, and put her bag over her shoulders, dreadfully heading towards her gym class. As much as she liked going to school, she hated gym class. She felt so small and fragile with the boys would could trample her if she made the wrong move. She tried, she honestly did, but she didn't like the class whatsoever.       

Leaving the girls' locker room, she noticed something she hadn't noticed before. Two of boys Seth would leave with every morning were standing in the gym with the rest of her class. They were the same height, both had brown eyes, one had brown hair and the other was a blond. They had to be, at the  most, six feet tall from what she could guess. Her guess was completely based off the fact she was only five foot four, and they looked to be the same height as her father.       

As the day moved on, she noticed things that she hadn't before. She always knew she and Seth had the same math class, but she had no idea that one of his other friends was also in the class with them, and that the other friend was in her English class. By the time lunch rolled around, she had hardly read any of her book, which was unusual. She usually got through a couple chapters during classes, but that day was an odd day for her.       

Finally, she sat and pulled her book out of her bag. Just as she slipped the bookmark from the page, one of Seth's friends, one of them from her gym class, sat himself down beside her.      

"You're that girl that Seth's with every morning, right?" He asked.      

"Um... Yeah..." She muttered awkwardly.      

"You're in my gym, aren't you?"      

"I think so...?"      

"Huh... Are you his girlfriend or something?"      

She gave him a frown, looking up from the page she had been trying to read. "No. We've only ever really said two words to each other..." She said slowly.      

"Oh, alright. So does that mean you're single?" He asked, leaning his elbow on the table.      

"Unless I have a boyfriend I don't know about, yes."      

"Cool. Maybe some time you could come for a hike with us."      


"We go on a hike every Friday  up the mountain."      

Starting to feel uncomfortable, she felt herself get anxious. She never really did like having conversations with people she didn't know.      

"I don't even know who you are." She mumbled.      

"I'm Tyler. So, now will you come?" He asked, smiling at her.      

She began to gather her things from. "No. I'm not gonna go on a hike with people I don't know just because you told me your name. Knowing your name doesn't mean I know you." She said, standing from her seat and walking away from the table.

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