Opposites Attract

Harry Styles is the typical bad boy. But, what happens when he falls hard for a good girl? Will he win her heart?


1. Chapter 1

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

"Your hair looks fine." I slightly sighed at my best friends fidgeting, tightening my hands around my history book.

"They're coming, they're coming" she gave her hair one last flick and leaned against her locker, her eyes gawking at them.

They walked down the hallway grabbing the attention of every girl in sight. If you were lucky enough, maybe they'd give you a three second glance. Saying they'd get praised everywhere they went would be an understatement. Marley, my best friend, paid attention to them just like any other girl in school. But she however only had eyes for one guy and that was the blonde one since last year. What was his name? Neel was it?

I shook my head at her as she twirled a light brown strand of her hair staring at him. I wasn't facing them because I simply didn't care. The curly haired guy was the only one I actually knew of because one, he's in my history class and two, he's my neighbor and his drumming would piss the whole neighborhood off, but that didn't stop him. I guess I knew of Neel but that's only because Marley would never shut up about him. I stopped having 'study sessions' with her because if I brought up anything that had to do with Ireland, she'd go on and on about him. It was frustrating but I always overlooked them because Marley meant a lot to me. She's an awesome friend and I have 7 years of proof to prove it to you.

"Niall looked at me! He looked at me!" She whisper shouted jumping up and down.

"Oh that's his name? I thought it was Neel."

"He looked at me Kenz!" She emphasized.

"Congrats. Now can we get to class?"

She looped her arm through mine and grinned the whole way there. "You know, I think I saw Harry check you out." She cooed.

"Gross. Not my type." I grimaced making her muffle laughs.

"Mackenzie Autumn Blake, I think you are the only girl in this whole school that isn't attracted to any of them." She squeezed my arm laying her head on my shoulder chuckling.

I shrugged. "Not true, the light brown haired guy is pretty cute." I defended.

"Liam? You're kidding." She scoffed shocked as we walked into the classroom. I dropped my bag down and sat on my regular seat in the front of the class as usual.

"I'm not interested Marley. We've established this before. They're all so..."


"Uneducated." I answered.

"You probably find Liam cute because he was the only one wearing plaid.." She took a seat behind me. I took a pen out for her because that's always the case with her unprepared self and handed it to her. "I know what guys in flannel shirts do to you." She winked.

"Not true, he has a cute smile." I explained turning myself around to look at her.

"Yeah, his girlfriend probably agrees." She jerked her head at the skimpy brunette walking in with 2 other girls on her side.

"Hey, I said I wasn't interested." I pointed out turning myself back around when I heard the teacher or otherwise known as my dad walk in.

"Take a seat class." He called out grabbing a new piece of chalk from his desk to write down the new topic. "Class has begun and we will be discussing the-" he quickly wrote down, "Renaissance. Turn to page 445 in your textbook and start reading the first 4 pages." The class groaned in annoyance but I obediently did as told.

After I finished before everyone, which didn't take that long because I've had a passion for reading ever since I was seven, I sat there quietly taking note of everything I remembered.

"Mr. Styles, is there a reason why you are late to my class?" My dad asked Harry as he tried to make an attempt to sneak in and sit.

"I was in the bathroom Mr. B. I had Mexican food for dinner yesterday!" He patted his stomach with a fake guilty smile. The class laughed and I eyed his now messy clothes. Everything from his messed up collars to his zipper which was open. I rolled my eyes assuming the obvious.

My dad and Harry had a horrible relationship. Harry was the typical failing, disrespectful, always late student and my dad was the typical teacher that was always up Harry's rear end. They had a mutual disliking.

"Have a seat." Dad told getting back to his grading. When he saw that Harry was grabbing a seat next to a pretty girl he would easily be distracted by, he shook his head and pointed to the seat next to me. I caught my dad's eyes and pleaded no by shaking my head vigorously as subtle as I could. He ignored my plead and Harry sat annoyed.

For the whole period, I sat there with my eyes either focused on the board or on my book. When the bell rang, I slammed my book shut and quickly picked up my bag to rush out but my dad of course had to call me.

"Yeah, dad?"

"I want you to tutor Harry."

"Daaaaaaaad." I whined knowing he would ask that sooner or later.

"Just until his grade goes into at least a C minus."


"Honey, you're my best student. There's no one else that could help. You helped Marley and she's passing with a B plus from when it was a D. That takes a lot of knowledge."

"Sorry dad. Marley's my best friend, it's different." I shrugged.

"I'll give you extra credit."

I breathed out and glared at him. "Tell him yourself. Our house, six thirty."

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