I Can't.

A story for the TFIOS competition, Option 2.
Feedback would be most appreciated.

I got the idea for this story from Isaac and Monica's break-up in TFIOS and I hope you enjoy it!

~Awesome cover by C.H. Potter~


1. Introduction

He's changed.

Maybe it's the medication. Maybe he's just tired. Maybe...maybe-

Maybe I'm making excuses.

Maybe he hasn't changed. Maybe it's me. 

It's me. 

I can't do it. 

No, stop. I can; I can do it. He is no different just because he's...he's...

How pathetic. I can't even say it.

Come on, Lily! He is no different just because he's got...

No. I can't say it. 

Yes. I can; I will - for him. 

He is no different just because he's got...he's got...he's...

I can't.

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