The Last Twilight

its a story of love, heart brake, friendship, trust and hatred. i dedicate this book to my two great friends who have always been there for me, (Ebear101 and wolf lover) so i hope you an whoever is with you enjoy this book. if you want a part in this book ( ideas and such ) just tell me or my co author(s)
Cover by: endless100


2. Telling Crawford

Christian's POV

   They were so hot. I know my brother will want one of them. So I secretly took pictures of them. Does that make me a stalker? No. It's for my brother. He wasn't feeling too well today. I think he's coming tomorrow. I'm not sure.

Thoughts about Crawford busied me as I walked home. The girls lived really close. Good. As I got home, my new puppy, Sean, came and licked my shoe. I love beagles. They sound like bagels! Jk. Crawford was playing xbox. He looked better. He really didn't want to switch schools. But it's not like he can't see his friends. We are only on the other side of Calgary, not the world. 


he didn't take his eyes off the screen, but still replied, "how was school?"

"You gotta come tomorrow."

he groaned. "Why?"

brothers. "If you want a girlfriend that so actually hot. Then you need to come. I have pics of the cutest."

he paused the game and looked up. "Show me." He said, determined to see them. I unlocked my iPhone and showed hip the pictures. "They let you take pics?" He asked. 

"No. I took a couple secretly, but these are from Instagram."

he smirked. "I'm comin to school tomorrow."

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