How Would You Feel To Be Categorised! How Would You Like To Be Pushed To Your Limits? Would It Kill You Or Would It Just Scratch You?

Join Kerry And Her Brother As They Are Categorised And See The Challenges They Face? Will They Die Or Will They Live

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By: Kayden Manuel
Australia Lol


1. Categorised

I wake up to my father growling in his sleep and qlenching the pillow my mother had given him before she had died running from the CATO PEOPLE. The Cato people were meant to be the protectors of the land but they kill the ones that are special, By what I have told you, you know my mum is uncategorised, it's when are not like any category with your Face, personality, heart or skin. It can also be when you are available to multiple categories.

My dad is always thinking of her. It's like he blames us for her death. We are always having to buy food and cloths, we always have to cook and clean and try to find time to secretly have an education with the tribal elders. When I mean we I mean my 7yr Old brother and Me I'm 15. We were born into a poor category called faceless because of my mother and fathers looks. Next week it's categorisation which is a big day for me and my family, my mother would have wanted the best for me so she would probably want me to get into Langly, you know why because it's a beautiful category but but but but with a bad condition each year 15 people are chosen to participate in an event inhuman and broadcasted all over the categories! First they cut your chest open and replace your organs with electronic ones so they can monitor your vitals, OOPS nearly forgot how could I? They mess with them too! Then in the battle field you get 24hrs to kill and drink their opponents blood, this is done to all 14 other opponents. I'm not sure if I could handle all that, when my brother little he was lucky because my mother looked after us and she paused her mony for food to get him tested. He was zero might he may have changed but I'm not to sure about that. The 6 categories are: Langly, Eromighty, Cato People, Pity, Linkle and Faceless. Well I didn't get to say what each category was so I will now. Eromighty Super powered cats gory that is in control and makes the laws for each category. The Cato People, The Cato People are the protectors of the land and in force our laws but in-spite of all the power they are forced to be farmers but they just get slaves to do it for them. Next is Pity well it's all in the name, The name comes from an unlucky war that occurred just cause some people weren't complying with the secretive agreements. By next week I will already be in tears because before every categorisation 1 person is chosen from each category as a sacrifice to our laws!

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