Hired For Ambrose (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 18 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 5 Aug 2014
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Hired For Ambrose; Dean is a professional WWE Superstar, Rumors are going around that Dean has a girlfriend within the company, Renee. Rules in the company is you can't really date within the company. Mark and Jane gets the news and searches for a girlfriend for Ambrose for the cover up. They come across WWE Fan Kim who is a huge fan of Dean Ambrose and takes her in. Little do they know, Kim and Dean already met once, but never knew they would meet again. Kims dream comes true when she is placed as Dean Ambrose's girlfriend. A little sometime later down the road, Kim gets her second dream come true and signs with WWE to make her love life with Dean seem more real. But soon later when the contract expires, Kim has the option to end it with Dean or the WWE. Also, Dean finds himself falling in love with the wrong girl. Who? Read and find out.


11. First Match

(Monday Night RAW) 

Renee: *walking to the locker room* 

Dean: Renee. 

Renee: No, I don't want to talk about it Dean, it's over then it's over. I don't want you back.  

Dean: I didn't do anything with Kim, well not that I remember anyways. 

Renee: Exactly, you don't remember, so what makes you think you didn't sleep with Kim. She's a very beautiful girl, who wouldn't want her in bed. 

Dean: Renee? *grabs renee's hand* Can you just stop and listen to me? 

Renee: No! We're done. It's over then it's over! *pulls her hand away and walks off* 

Dean: *heartbroken* 

Kim: *walks out the locker room* Renee. 

Renee: Enough I said! 

Kim: Look, I'm really sorry about last week. Dean and I went out for a drink and we just kind of... 

Renee: I know what happened, and I don't care anymore! You know, you two didn't even have to go out for the public, but you two chose to and now look what happened! 

Kim: *closes her eyes and exhales* Renee, I never meant to hurt you like this. Look, I'll go talk to Mark and Jane and everything will go back to whatever you wanted ok. I know how it feels to be hurt and jealous. 

Renee: I'm not jealous ok! *slaps kim and walks off* 

Kim: *gets mad and exhales* Let it go Kim, let it go. *walks off* 

Nikki: Hey Kim. 

Kim: Not now Nikki! 

Nikki: Look, I'm sorry if you're mad at me from last week. 

Kim: I'm not ok! I just need to talk to Mark and Jane right now! *storms off* 

Brie: Everything ok? 

Nikki: I don't know, she was mad about something. 

Brie: You? 

Nikki: Not even! 

Brie: Well, she has a match tonight against Eva, and that's not gonna be pretty knowing she's in a bad mood and her heat with Eva. 

Nikki: Wow, maybe that's what she's gonna talk about? 

Brie: Let's hope. 

Jane: So you want out? 

Kim: Yeah, I mean Dean and Renee broked up, why do I still need to be in the picture? Plus, we're never together anyways, only for the storyline, so basically I'm not even with him for publicity. 

Jane: I will think about it Kim, go get ready for your match against Eva. 

Kim: *storms off* 


Nikki: Hey Kim. 

Kim: Look, I'm sorry about earlier, but I'm in a better mood now, so what did you want to talk about? 

Nikki: Are you ok? I didn't mean to dropkick you that far, it was just that you came down real... 

Kim: Fast! Yeah! What the hell did you think? Gravity was gonna hold me up? No! 

Nikki: I'm sorry, I should have just moved instead, but I didn't want you to be hurt. 

Kim: Hurt? Neither way I was hurt! Matter of fact, I was more hurt by you then missing you! 

Nikki: I'm sorry. *hugs kim* I'll go easy on you tonight. 

Kim: Yeah, whatever. *walks off* 

Eva: *music hits and walks out to the ring/grabs the mic* Did you guys see what happened to Kim on Smackdown? *laughs* She got Smack... down. *cont. laughing* 

Kim: *runs out the ring and tackles eva* 

Eva: *trying to get away* 

Kim: *pulls eva by the hair and slams her onto the mat* 

Eva: *groans and holds her hair* 

Kim: *crawls to eva* You wanna talk shit huh! You wanna talk! Talk to this! *slaps eva* 

Eva: *gets up and tackles kim* 

Kim: *pushes eva off* 

Nikki: *comes out of nowhere and attacks kim from behind* 

Kim: *falls to the mat* 

Eva: *runs to the back* 

Nikki: Why don't you pick on someone your strength huh! *slams kims face to the mat* 

Kim: *groans* 

Nikki: *gets on the turnbuckle and poses for the fans* 

Kim: *gets up and pulls nikki's leg* 

Nikki: *falls on the mat* 

Kim: *stomps on nikki*  

Nikki: *curls up* 

Kim: *grabs nikki by the hair and does a gory bomb* 

Nikki: *lays out cold* 

Kim: *looks at nikki and then puts her in a lotus lock* 

Nikki: *taps out* 

Refs: *pulling kim away and sending her to the back* 

Kim: *slaps the refs and walks back to the back* 

Naomi: *claps* That was impress kim.  

Natalya: I swear, everytime I see you get in the ring, you are improving more and more. 

Brie: That was a hell of a fight out there Kim. *hugs kim* Wasn't expecting you to already have not one but two finishers. *smiles8 

Kim: I did what I had to, I meant to put Eva in the Christo, but Nikki came out and I had to change of plan real quick. 

Dean: *walks up to kim* 

Kim: I'll talk to you girls later. 

Naomi: *hugs kim* Alright, we'll see you later. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Naomi: *leaves with brie and Natalya* 

Kim: Hey. 

Dean: Hi. 

Kim: Um, don't worry. I talked to Jane and she said she'll think about the contract. 

Dean: Oh? I wasn't informed, but I didn't come to talk, I just wanted to say again... congrats out there and love your two finishers. 

Kim: Thank you Dean, it means a lot coming from someone I known since three months ago. 

Dean: *chuckles* Has it been that long already? 

Kim: Yeah, believe it or not, but I'm starting to not like Renee anymore. *crosses her arms* 

Dean: Whoa, is this like a different side? 

Kim: Maybe, you know I never meant to show this side, but when you slap me out of anger, it changes my whole personality and hatred for that person. 

Dean: Wait, she slapped you? 

Kim: Yeah, but it's whatever now, I'm over it. Got to take it out on Eva a bit, so it's all good. 

Dean: *chuckles* Yeah, heard that slap. 

Kim: Yeah, it was out of anger, but still she deserved it. Anyways, I'm gonna go shower up. 

Dean: Oh, loving that attire of yours. It's really...  

Kim: Save it. *walks off* 

Roman: Hey what's going on man? 

Dean: What you mean? 

Roman: You don't talk to us anymore, you don't talk to Renee, all I see is you with Kim all the time. And what happened last week? 

Dean: Ok, don't tell anyone, but Kim and I slept together. 

Roman: So? We all sleep with our love ones don't we? 

Dean: No, I mean, we got at it. 

Roman: What? 

Dean: We were drunk and we didn't know how it happened, but let's not talk about it anymore. 

Roman: Why would you? 

Dean: I don't Roman, shit happens. *smiles and walks off* 

Mark: Dean! I need to talk to you. 

Dean: Ok. 

Mark: *explains to dean* 

Dean: So the contracts over? 

Mark: Yes. 

Dean: But I don't... 

Mark: There's no need because you and Renee are done. 

Dean: Ok. 

Mark: So you can continue talking and hanging out with Kim if you want, but you don't have to anymore. 

Dean: Ok then. *walks out* 

Kim: *sitting backstage* 

Nikki: *sits next to kim* Hey. 

Kim: Hey girl. *smiles* 

Nikki: How are you feeling? 

Kim: I feel great, I mean I took most of my actions on Eva, so I'm good. *smiles* 

Nikki: Yeah, heard that slap from behind the curtain. *chuckles* 

Kim: *laughs* She kind of deserved it. 

Nikki: Yeah. 

Eva: Who deserved what? 

Kim: That slap. 

Eva: That was so uncalled for! You literally took this match on a whole new level. 

Kim: I know I did and I'm probably gonna lose my job for it, so I really don't care Eva.  

Eva: I think you've improved, but I'm gonna hold that slap against you. 

Kim: If it helps, you can always slap me back... When we are in a match. 

Eva: Oh I will Kim. *smiles* Don't think I won't. *walks off*

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