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1. 1. Morning

*Hey guys sorry I haven't updated more of my stories. I was busy in school and now I'm off of school! It's summer time. So I just wanted to make another story. Hope you guys forgive me for not updating anymore. Requests are welcome*

Jessica's POV

I woke up to the smell of fresh blue berry Pancakes. I got up and saw my boyfriend, Cameron wasn't in the same spot he was in last night. I stretched and made my way downstairs. I went down in the hall and went in the kitchen. I stood there at the foot of the kitchen watching Cameron make pancakes. I went to him and kissed his cheek. "Good morning hunny. How was your sleep" Cameron said. "Good. Yours?" I said as I hugged him. "Very good" he said. I hear my phone ring. I went and got my phone and went outside on the porch to talk on the phone.

"Hi mom. Yes I'm ok. What?. Ok I'll be there shortly. Good bye love you too" I said starting to cry. I rushed inside and got my shoes on and jacket.

" babe where r u going " Cameron said.

" my dad. He is in the hospital and they r gonna take him off of life support soon. He wants to see me b4 they do." I said crying.

" oh ok " he said.

I got in my white Mini Cooper and drove off. I couldn't stop thinking about my dad. I was paying attention to the road while I was thinking. I got to the hospital and parked in the parking lot I grabbed my keys and purse and got out and locked my car. I went inside.

" Hi welcome to the Hospital of London. How may I help you?" The lady said

" hi I'm looking for my dad. His name is Kevin Anderson." I said.

" he's on the 7th floor in room 703" she said

" thanks.." I said as I didn't know her name.

" Rose my name is Rose." Rose said

"Thanks Rose" I said as I ran to the elevator. I reached 7th floor.




703. Bam I got it.

I walked in. I cried as soon as I saw my dad laying in the horrible hospital bed.

"Dad." I said

" Hi baby girl." He said

" Please don't leave me!" I said as I cried.

*Hey guys! Sorry it's short. I will update a lot. Please let me know if u want more :). I love you guys xo*

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