Mentally Stuck ➳ H.S.

It's been two years since I last saw her wicked smile as she enjoyed hearing our cries for sanity in the awful place. She had set up a doll house and we were the dolls. I've spent these last two years trying to come to the conclusion that I'm not mentally unstable and the only reason I have not is the boy sitting right in front of me. His emerald green orbs starring in to mine trying to figure out what's on in my mess of a brain. But it is what it is right? Are you ready to know what happened over these last two years and what else is left to come? Because trust me life isn't for everyone and I think I'm one of those people.
*Sequel to Trapped*
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2014


1. Prolouge.


Mac's P.O.V.

  I wrapped my hand around my warm cup of coffee and breathed in my surroundings. I watch the sun rise over the little peek of the hill it was about four in the mooring the usual time I wake up considering I haven't had full nights rest since two years ago. But hey whose counting? I slowly walked up the stairs turning into our bedroom where he laid so motionless. I watched his tone chest rise up and down as he softly breathed in his sleep. I looked over at his side of the bed to his night stand and there sat the ring I had accepted two years ago. My heart sank a little remembering the tear falling from his eyes when I gave it back.

*Flashback to last night*

"Harry I'm sorry; I love you I really do but, I'm mentally fucked up." I cried out.

"I'm fucked up to; Everything that happened to you those nights happened to me to! I know what it's like and you're only breaking me more Mac! I want you more then anything! I want you to me Mrs. Mac Styles! Please don't do this!" He screamed through tears.

"Harry don't you understand I can't give you what you want! You want children and you know I can't give them to you!" I screamed back.

"You want children to! C'mon Mac please!"

"Harry try having two miscarriages you know how bad that fucking hurts! Not to mention I gave birth to a still born! Harry my fucking baby was born dead!" I dropped to my knees crying harder. I rocked myself back and forth letting the tears run freely. 

I felt his warm hand wrap around me he held me tight kissing away my tears.

*End of flashback*

I looked across the hall at the painted baby room still awaiting for a child to live in it. My heart is shattered from the dumb bitch. I'm under so much stress that my baby couldn't even see the world with it's own eyes. I walked across the hall to the baby's room I gently looked around at all gifts all the boys and lily had gotten me for the baby. My heart fall apart a little more. I felt emotionless as I sat in the rocking chair. I had nothing left inside me I'm not sure I have feelings anymore. I've lost all faith in my own humanity. I've turned it off; No matter how bad my feelings demand to be felt I won't feel them.

I just can't.

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