My Future husband murdered?????!??

It's about 1D having realationships with people and Liam gets very insecure but really Harry got another chance to show his life is more than he intended it to be most of the realationships have a bumpy start but gets better as time goes on


1. the first meet

There once was a kid named Chloe she was in love with Eminem but little did she know that she would find someone else. One day at school Chloe was walking in the halls when she bumped into Harry,Harry looked worried because she fell and he thought she would get up and yell at him instead she said. "Sorry that was my fault." "No it's not your fault it's mine how can I make it up to you?" Harry asked. "You don't have to do anything for me I wasn't paying attention" Chloe explained. "Well can I at least take you out for lunch?" Harry asked. "Sure I guess where would you like to go?" Chloe asked. Just before he could answer he saw Louis and Liam walking down the hall and said "uh..sorry love I gotta go." Harry knew Louis and Liam was after him but no one else did. "Harry Wait!" Yelled Chloe. "I'm sorry love I can't stay I'll take you to golden coral later for lunch!" Harry yelled back. Louis saw Harry and quickly ran after him when he caught him he said "Where do you think you're going?" " where lad I was just getting to class so I won't be late" "yeah whatever get out my face I'll deal with u after school" Louis said with an evil look on his face. Just then Zayn showed up and said "LOUIS LEAVE HARRY ALONE.""ha ha ha what are you gonna do about it?" Louis said with a deep scary voice. "Hold on let me call up my girl" zayn said. "Hello Francheska? I need you to come where the bathrooms are." "Here I come Zayn" said francheska. "Ha ha you actually think your girlfriend is a match for mine she's going up against the flawless Jaelee so that'll never work" Louis said with determination in his voice. Jaelee appeared out of the bathroom noticing francheska right in front of her and says "So we meet again look if I win Louis beats Harry but if u win Harry can be free." Chloe soon walks up to the spot and says "No Jaelee please Harry's taking me out for lunch today can this wait?" "Louis babe can it wait I'm only doing this because Chloe is my friend" Jaelee asked. "Fine love but I'm doing this for you because I love you" Louis said with his eyes full of hate. Later that day Harry and Chloe went out to lunch "Hey Chloe?" "Yes Harry." "What do you want me to get you?" "Oh no Harry I can get my own food thanks though" after they ate school was over and Harry walked Chloe home "I had a great time Chloe I hope to see you again" Harry said with a wide smile. "Maybe we could get together tomorrow" Chloe said with a weak smile. "Chloe I know you don't like me and I'm sorry for even asking" Harry said. "Harry I do like you maybe if we go out tomorrow I'll see if I can say if I want to date or not" "Okay see you tomorrow Chloe" Harry said. That next day Louis saw Harry and said "Hey! Harry come over here now." Jaelee then saw them and said "LOUIS NO DON'T YOU DARE IF YOU LAY A FINGER ON HIM WE'RE OVER!" Louis looked over and said "why do you always stop me from killing him? Huh cause I'm tired of this!" Jaelee felt hurt and just looked at Louis and walked away.

"Jaelee Wait! I'm sorry please forgive me" Louis said.

"No you've hurt me for the last time Louis you never loved me"Jaelee said while crying.

"No please Jaelee I need you you're my baby girl I love you" Louis said almost crying himself.

"Louis I can't believe that you just said that I love you too" Jaelee said with a weak smile

"Look I know you hate me for what I did and if you don't wanna forgive me you don't have to I just want you to know.." Jaelee interrupted "I forgive you Louis just don't kill Harry do you promise you won't?"

Just then Niall and me walked in "Hey Shayla I'll be right back I've got to talk to Louis really quick love" Niall said looking confused on the situation. "Okay Niall go see what's up with Louis I'll be waiting right here" I said with a look of confusion on my face also. "No you come with me so you can comfort Jaelee" said Naill.

"Hey Louis what's going on are you okay?" Niall asked.

"Yeah me and my babe having problems she won't let me kill Harry" said Louis.


"Niall keep you dang voice down!" Louis yelled.


"Look mofo keep your gd voice down!" Louis told him evilly.

"No I'm not you can't tell me what to do I'm tired of you you've always tried to kill everyone else in the band even Liam your so called "partner in crime" lad you've got problems" Niall protested.

Just after they stopped yelling me and Jaelee started talking "Jaelee are you okay? Cause you seem upset I don't like to see you this way."

"Yeah sis I'm fine it's just that Louis is alway trying to kill someone I don't agree with that and he gets mad and tells me he's sick of me" Jaelee explained.

"Jaelee if he hurts you again he'll be dealing with me do you understand?"

"Yeah thanks for the help I've gotta go shayla talk to you later" Jaelee said with a sad look.

"Jaelee wait here comes Liam and I don't want you to keep going through this"

"Hey guys I've got a great girl and her name is Kiara and she's just perfect" said Liam. Little did Liam know that me and another girl were jealous of this I kinda thought to myself in my mind I said "He...he's dating my cru...I mean my sis this isn't right"

"Oh um..Liam can I talk to you for a second?" I asked.

"Yeah what's up?"

"Look Liam that's my sister you're dating and if you hurt her I'll hurt you even more than you hurt her do you understand?" I whispered with a threatening sound in my voice.

"Yes ma'am I understand I wouldn't ever hurt her she's the most wonderful girl I've ever known" Liam whispered back.

When we departed each other Liam looked a little scared and kiara thought I didn't hear their conversation but I did.

"Hey Liam what did she say?" Kiara asked.

"She told me if I ever hurt you she'll hurt me even more than I hurt you so basically saying I'll be in a hospital if I hurt you"

"Awwwwww that's my sis though she's always there to make sure I never get hurt again" Kiara said with a smile looking straight at me. "Hey Liam I'll be right back"

"Okay love" Liam said.

"Hey Shayla wait" kiara yelled.

"Oh hey kiara what's up?" I said.

"Uh...thanks for making sure Liam doesn't hurt me" she thanked me.

"You're welcome anytime but uh...I've gotta go now me and Niall are about to leave soo yeah" I said with a look of disappointment in my eyes.

"You okay? You don't seem like yourself today" kiara asked.

"Yeah I'm fine look I've got to go bye" I ran off without another word kiara looked concerned when I looked back but this was just the beginning of what was about to happen. After school Louis caught Harry behind the school building little did Louis know that Jaelee was watching him.

"Hello Harry are you ready to die yet?" Louis said with a hint of evil in his voice.

" please I didn't do anything wrong please don't kill me" Harry pleaded.

"Leave him alone!" Jaelee yelled from on top of the building.

"Oh sh*t Jaelee's here you're lucky I would've had you by now" Louis said very annoyed.

"Thank you Jaelee I really have to go I'm late picking up Chloe" Harry said while running off.

Later when me and Niall got back I seen kiara "Niall hold on I'll be right back"Hey Kiara!" I yelled.

" oh hey Shayla I've got a question for you" kiara said.

"Sure give it a shot" I said.

"Why were you acting all weird today at school?" Kiara asked.

"Oh...Uh...I've gotta go Niall is waiting for me bye talk to you later" I said.

"Oh..okay bye" kiara said sadly. She seemed upset when I looked back but I felt guilty and went back she ran up to me though so I stopped in my tracks looking confused last thing I knew she kissed me I was surprised then just said

"Oh kiara I'm sorry but I have a boyfriend I don't like you in that way if that's what you were thinking."

"I don't like you in that way either I have no idea what came over me Shayla I'm sorry" she said while sounding and looking confused

"Look I've gotta go Niall's waiting bye" I said very madly.

"Love I saw that but I forgive you because I heard the whole conversation you two had" Niall said with a smile so bright it could light up the whole world.

"Niall I love you come in will you I'll let you meet my parents" I told him. We ended up cuddling in my bed when I woke up I got a call.

Me: "hello?"

Chloe: " Shayla *starts to cry*"

Me:"Chloe what's wrong what happened?"

Chloe:" Harry's dead!" *cry's even harder*

Me:Omg no! Harry was like a brother to me I've gotta go *starts crying*

"Niall wake up Harry's dead!" I said.

"What the f*ck how did he die!?" Niall screamed.

"I don't know Niall come on let's go now! And be silent" I told him..

"Okay sorry" Niall said. When we got in the car niall started the car and sped off to the crime scene.

"Harry who did this to you was it Louis!?" Niall asked.

"No was Jaden Moser *cough* *cough*" Harry mumbled. Me and Niall both started thinking then I just said out loud "Jaden F*cking Moser I can't believe this Niall get him in the car let's take him to the hospital now!" I yelled.

Chapter 2 is coming soon

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