Im Always Addicted To You


6. Chapter Six

"Kody will you be my maid of honor?" My mom asked.

"And Jaxon will you be my best man?" Greg asked Jaxon. We both looked at each other than looked back at them and nodded.

"Okay good! Oh and by the way that means you two will have to dance together and sit next to each other and walk down the isle together." Jaxon and I just nodded again then went back to eating.

After about another hour we finally got ready to leave. Jaxon and Caleb got in my car and my mo got in Gregs car with him. They were going shopping or something. Caleb got in the passenger seat this time and Jaxon sat in the back. As we left I looked back at Jaxon and he looked like a little kid pouting. I grabbed my phone and texted Jaxon. I know I was driving but rules are meant to be broken right?

~ Hey

- Hi

~ Are you mad at me??

- No.

~ Yes you are. Are you jealous of how close me and Caleb got today?

- You can do whatever the hell you want to do with Caleb. I could care less...

~ I think I love you Jaxon

After I said that Jaxon didn't respond. I did see his face through the rearview mirror when he got the text though. He looked shocked. Then he looked angry. Then he looked kik he was about to burst into tears. I frowned but then put my eyes back on the road.

"Hey Kody do you wanna hangout at my house for a little bit?" Caleb asked me hen we were almost there.

"Maybe some other time. I'm exhausted and kinda just want to get into pajamas and go to sleep." I lied. Truth is I wanted to be with Jaxon by myself. I hoped he would stay in the car and come back home with me.

When we got to Caleb's house Jaxon got out to and started to walk towards the door but then he looked back. He said something to Caleb then walked back to the car.

"What are you doing? Why aren't you going inside with Caleb?" I asked a little shocked he actually came back.

"I know I love you Kody." He pressed his lips against mine and we kissed for a few minutes. "Let's go home" I pulled out of the drive way and went home. When we got there Jaxon picked me up bridal style and ran inside and upstairs to our room. He laid me down on my bed and started to kiss me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and took off his shirt. He pulled off my hoodie. He started to kiss down my jaw bone, then down my neck. It gave me chills. He kissed down my stomach to the top of my pants and started to unbutton them.

"Kody!? Jaxon!? Come down here now!!" We both heard Greg yell. We both pulled on our shirts and ran downstairs.

"Caleb called us and told is he saw you kissing in your car."

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