The Ghost Dog

Only mad scientists in stories can create monsters, can't they? Not ten-year-old boys like Daniel. Well, not until the night of his spooky party when he and his friends make up a ghost story about a terrifying dog...It's a story made up to frighten Aaron - tough , big headed Aaron. But to Dan's horror, what begins as a story turns into a nightmare. Each night the ghost dog - a bloodthirsty, howling monster haunts his dreams, and Dan suspects that what he conjured up with his imagination has somehow become ... real!


1. Chapter One

The first time I saw its face. Out of the darkness it came floating towards me. It had evil red eyes. Blood poured out of its mouth. It was the ugliest, most horrible thing I had ever seen. And I'd brought it to life. I'd thought it was only mad scientists in stories who could create monsters. Not ten-year-old boys like me: Daniel Grant.

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