Hi, my name is Paige, I'm from Canada and I'm 14. I write poetry, because I find it an easy way to express myself. You may wonder, "What's so special about the mind of a teenager?" And well, more than you think. Or less...you decide. I'll just be posting/reblogging some poetry and quotes I feel strongly about, and if you have anything you feel you want to share with me, an opinion or a question, I encourage you to leave it in the comments and I'll try to reply!


1. Carnival Visions

Carnival Visions

Merry go round, and round

Still spinning on empty promises. And happy music echoes and bright colours twirl around us. A beautiful illusion in this sad grey world.

The sweet smell of cotton candy mixes with the cries of a child, and ice cream meets cement. The Ferris wheel turns backwards and bottles topple down. Our world is falling, crashing, but refusing to break and repair.

Lights blink and change to hide the venomous dark, and laughter covers the silence, and we will still refuse to admit that it's not the light that lost us, but us that lost the light.

And all this is hidden with carnival visions, and all you are blind from the thrill of the ride. We know we fear the truth, we live in a lie. But the music continues to play, and the illusion grows wide. Leaving us tragically unaware of the storm in the sky.

We have been hostage in the horror world we created, and washed up in denial. Stuck on the fact that only light will get rid of the dark, while sitting in the dark shadows of the merry go round.

So we sit, travelling in familiar circles, round and round. Round and round. Stuck on this ride, a wonderful lie.

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