Everything Gone Wrong [§Completed§]

A girl, a best friend, and two dangerous guys..
Mae Delres and Tess Sulfid have been best friends since preschool. But what happens when the two of them meet their idols and end up dating them? Will everything go wrong? Or will their dreams come true?


9. Danger is all around..


I finally climb the tree and my hand hurts like hell..I think I sprained it..I hear sticks crack and I know he is searching for me, again..My breathing speeds up and I get dizzy. I didn't pick a tall tree because I knew that I would have to jump down sooner or later.. Everything starts spinning and I begin to get weak..What the hell is going on here?..A few minuets later my breathing slows and nothing is spinning..I jump down from my tree and my ankle twists..

"Dammit!" I accidentally yell..

I hear someone running my direction..

"Fuck..I have to get out of here..Where is my phone..No..It must have fell out of my pocket. Luke probably has it now.." I say under my breath.. I try to stand up but epicly fail at it...I see a dark figure standing above me..Their height towering over mine..

"Look at what we have here..A very, very brave Mae." Luke says.

"Fuck you." I snap..

"Feisty eh? I like it.." I can't see his face, but I can feel the smirk on it..

I finally manage to stand, but then I'm shoved back down by Luke..

"Ow!" I yelp as I catch myself with the wrong and and fall completely onto my back..

"You're not going anywhere. I've got you right where I want you." He says

Tears start streaming down my face..

"Luke please..Please don't do this..W-We can still try again..W-we could start ov-

"No. It's too late for that Mae..See what you caused.." He says, cutting me off mid-sentence.

He takes out a pocket knife and holds up to my cheek and gently presses my cheek, but not hard enough to cut me..

"See, Mae..I took care of your little friend..Tess.." He says with a smirk


"Sh sh sh..Now don't worry..She's fine. Ashton is having a bit of fun with her.." He says while still caressing my cheek with his pocket knife..

Tess's P.O.V

I'm so scared..I hope Mae is okay..I have to find a way out of here, and now..

I'm snapped out of my thought's when I hear the door to my room-  that I'm being held captive in- opens..

"Hey babe. Nice seeing you again. How have you been?" Ashton asks

I don't reply.

"Are you fucking deaf or what?" He yells

Still, I don't reply

"DAMMIT TESS ANSWER ME!" He yells slamming his fist onto the night stand next to my bed causing me to flinch..

"F-fine." I stutter quietly, just above a whisper but loud enough for him to hear.

"I brought you something to eat and some water. In a little you can take a shower." He says

I just look at the floor and sit on the edge of the bed playing with the hem of my dress..

"I'm not hungry, though." I mumble

"What did you say." He asks walking towards me

"N-nothing." I stutter looking down

"What the hell did you say, Tess.." He asks once again 

"I-I said t-that I'm not h-hungry..That's a-all." I say.

"Fine then! Can't be happy I brought you something to fucking eat? Then you won't have anything to eat!" He walks over to the nightstand and shoves everything off. The plate and glass hit the cold concrete and break. I flinch and a single tear falls down my cheek..

Mae's P.O.V

I hope Tess is okay..I'm so scared..I need to leave, now..

"Where is my phone?" I say

"Oh don't worry about that.." He says going from crouching to hovering over me..

"I will, because it's my phone." I say a bit stern

"Fine you wanna know where it is. My back pocket. But its shut off, and you're not going to need it.." He says as he tosses it next to a tree....



*A/N* Hey guys!! On 'Uh Oh. Trouble is here', I decided to make it better so I kinda re-did the action part :D Hope you guys love it so far!! Beautiful penguins cx

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