The adventures of Rosalinda Grey

Rosalinda Grey lives with her family in London, and knows nothing about magic when she is accepted to Hogwarts School of whichcraft and wizardry. Neither does she know anything about the fact that she was adopted. When she starts at Hogwards, she gets thrown into adventures she could never imagined.


1. The letter

Rosalinda Gray had always been one of the weird kids. Odd things happened when she was around, but she did not know why. Usually things happened when she was upset. Once, she had managed to set fire to her teacher’s hair by just looking at him, and another time the whole electrical system at her school broke when she cursed at her computer because it was lagging. Of course, no one could prove that she had done it, but people became afraid of her.

It was summer vacation, and Rosalinda was spending her time at home together with her younger sister, Clara. They were best friends, but as different as sisters could be. Clara looked like their parents, with dark brown hair and brown eyes, while Rosalinda had light blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Rosalinda had many times wondered whether she actually belonged to this family, her appearance being so different. But she didn’t worry that much, she was happy in this family, and loved them.

Clara and Rosalinda were sitting in the drawing room playing chess, when the mail arrived. Rosalinda went to pick it up, and between the newspaper and a clothes catalogue, she found a letter addressed to her. It was a thick yellow convolute written on with green ink, and a weapon crest was stamped on the back.

Mrs. R. Grey
The second biggest bedroom
52B Brick Lane

She opened the convolute, and saw that she was accepted to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. She was thunderstruck. This was a school for wizards and witches. But she could not be a which! She saw that she was to buy a wand, magic schoolbooks, potion ingredients and other things she had never believed to exist. There was also an instruction on where she would find them (a place named Diagon Alley) and how she could get there. And there was a train ticket to the Hogwarts Express. 

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