The Robot And Recycle Car's Visit

A recycle car and a robot learn to recycle and pass the idea on to a great many people. There is also an evil lion against the "silly" idea...

I'd like to thank my cousin Jaxon for his help on writing this.


1. Pass It On

Once upon a time, there was a robot and a recycling car. The robot was just preparing to drive in it.

"Let's go!" said the robot.

During the trip, they noticed a recycle man! They put some bottles and cans into the recycle man, and soon they were best friends!

From there, they went to Ice Man's house. Super Pumpkin Man was there too.

"Hi!" said Pumpkin.

"Hi!" said Ice Man. "Let's go and recycle!"

"RECYCLE!" they said together.

Toaster's house was next.

"Hi," said Toaster when they came.

In came the toaster's sister. "Hi. I heard you out there. I will go and look for anything that needs to be recycled."

Suddenly, they noticed a spy cactus!

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