I'm just me

My name is Kim Russo I'm fifteen and before i start this story I wat to make this clear, I don't want your pitty.


1. me

My name is Kim Russo I'm fourteen and before i start this story I wat to make this clear, I don't want your pitty.

My life was relatively normal until I was eight so thats where this story starts.

I never much liked fishing, I fact I never really liked anything but soccer, reading and being with my friends, so when the opportunity came to stay at Lucy's house while my parents and older brother, Sam, went fishing there was noway I was going with them. Looking back on the decision I probably should have gone with them. So that morning I was dropped at Lucy's house at eight o'clock, I hugged my parents and they left for their day fishing. Lucy and I had been best friends since we were three years old, we actually met on our 3rd birthday (yes me and my best friend we're born on the same day) so we had been friends for five years and 179 days. 

We spent the day doing what we usually did, playing games we made up, swapping books and talking, a lot. My parents had promised to pick me up before five o'clock so we could have tea together. I wasn't worried, being eight, that they were not back by six o'clock but when it came 7:30 and Lucy's little brother Caleb we being put to be I began to miss my mum and dad. So I asked Lucy's mum where they were. She looked at me sadly.
"You're sleeping here tonight Kimmy." I was rally happy about that because I just assumed that they were home and I got to stay with Lucy.
So we talked until 10, which at the time seemed late, and then fell asleep

The next morning Lucy woke me up. "Kim, mum's crying." She told me which was strange because, aside from Lucy herself, Lucy's mum, Anna, the the happiest person I know.

So the two of us went to talk to her, "Go back to you room Lucy, I want to talk to Kimmy." Lucy, being as cheerful as she and I were, smiled at me and left me and Anna.

"When will mum and dad be home?" I asked.

"Kimmy. Your dad is in the hospital with your brother, their boot sunk and they got hurt." 

"Can mum pick me up to go see them?" I asked which seemed reasonable enough to me but it was. It. 

"Kimmy, mum can't pick you up. She couldn't swim back, she dead." I don't remember exactly when happened but I remember crying with Anna, I hated that word. Dead, first my Pa when I was four, Gram when I was six and now my Mum. After that, I don't remember details, I remember driving and crying, lots of crying and ate passing in a blur until her funeral.

I sat with my dad and brother who both wore rented black suits while I wore a black dress the went just below my knees, the same one I wore to Gram's funeral but it was a little shorter. I lit a candle then sat and cried into my dads shoulder while people spoke about her. I tried to pay attention to what people were sating at the services but I just cried but I remember being told it was beautiful.

Afterthought service my Grandma, mums mum, played the piano and I cried some more. Lucy talked to me but I shrugged and nodded not looking at her but when Anna tried to talk to me I turned away, I couldn't look at her because she was the one who told me and that memory would be linked to her forever. 

And then I was forced to go on with my normal life, motherless. I went back to school and soccer but didn't enjoy either anymore, I cried myself to sleep every night and I could her my brother doing the same across the hall and I think dad would have as well but I never heard him. As they say life went on but I never got over the loss. I didn't let anything happen that would eminently me of mum. For the next to years I never so much as looked at Anna because she was directly related to just to my mum but her death, she told me. I think she forgave me because on my ninth and tenth birthdays she planned my party with dad but it wasn't until I was eleven that I spoke to her again.

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