Mlp as greek gods

A list of mlp charters as Greek gods and goddesses. I don't have a charter for each god due to a over lab of characteristic, I will leave examples showing the reason I believe that pony is related to that god! And if you have any Suggestions feel free to tell me :)


1. mlp as Greek gods

Zeus- rainbow dash

(EX- due to her love of the sky , it felt fitting that she be ruler over it)


Poseidon- (the sea)

Demeter - Apple jack

(EX- AJ is a framer, so she should be the goddess of agriculture

Athena - (crafts/strategy)

Apollo- Celestia

(EX- princess of the sun = god of the sun)

Artemis -Luna

(EX- princess of the moon)

Ares -shining armor

(EX-as captain of the royal guards , he seemed the best fitted for ares)

Aphrodite - cadence

(EX- princess of love)

Hermes -drepy

(EX- drepy , is already the mail pony , why not deliver stuff for the gods)

Hephaestus - (mechanics /building)

Hestia -(home/ hearth)

Dionysus - Barry punch

(EX- town drunk and partyer)

Hades -(death)

Persephone - (flowers)

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